doTERRA AUNZ donates $100,000 in product to support recent WANDS initiative

To help support the Wellness Advocate Natural Disaster Support Group – or WANDS – in their National Packing Day initiative on January 4th and 5th, doTERRA AUNZ donated approximately $100,000 in products for WANDS to distribute through their established network of support to affected communities. 

doTERRA AUNZ corporate office was utilised to accommodate the overwhelming influx of individuals willing to donate their time to help put the emergency relief kits together.

“We’ve been absolutely devastated by the news” said Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall, one of the founders of WANDS alongside Adele Hamilton and Leah Guest, “and we wanted to bring people together and were inspired to do something to help.”

“We reached our goal of 7000 kits packed as part of this initiative, which brings us to more than 16,000 overall since we started late 2019” she said. 

All of the kits assembled were delivered to individuals and evacuation centres in those areas most impacted by the bushfires within a week, including Kingscote Oval on Kangaroo Island, Batemans Bay, Mallacoota and even Tasmania.  

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