Congratulations on Reaching Blue Diamond!

 Michael Rothschild

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4 Steps to Diamond

  • Share. “Get those oils on people straight away! Carry Wild Orange, Peppermint, and Peppermint Beadlets everywhere. That way, people experience aromatic, topical, and internal uses in a couple of minutes. The oils speak for themselves.” 
  • Follow up. “Follow up with a text message or call within two days. If you gave them a sample, make sure they opened the bottle and ask how it went. Help them find what works for them.  Always meet people where they are—listen to them.”
  • Simplify. “I always remind new people to use the KISS principle—Keep It Super Simple. Teach how easy it is to reach the $250 Power of 3 bonus. It’s only 13 people ordering each month. I find if people can get their products for free, they will be a customer forever.” 
  • Educate. “I find that knowing they may learn something that can help them or a loved one is the real lure to a class—not a free oil. You can give out a sheet showing which oils can do what when inviting people to attend. Find what people need and give them an answer.” 
“When I know things are going smoothly at home when I am away, it makes it so much easier to have a clear mind. People might think I have done it myself, but that's not true. My wife, Rhonda, has made it all possible.”
“I subscribe to servant leadership and respect everyone I work with, regardless of how long they’ve been involved.” 
“Remember how lucky you are to be involved with doTERRA.” 

Meant to Be

When Michael Rothschild was first introduced to doTERRA, he wasn’t interested. Six months later, his enroller let him experience the oils and decide for himself, and that got him hooked. He says, “It goes to show that we need to remember that we are the messenger, not the message. Our job is to introduce doTERRA and give people space to make up their own minds.” 
Michael had been involved in the wholesale industry for years, including some direct sales, but he says, “I had not found a company that I felt I could hang my hat on.” He was interested in the doTERRA business opportunity from the start. “When explained, the doTERRA difference in quality of product and the integrity of the ownership—it was an easy decision.” He loved that the compensation plan encourages helping others to succeed, and he just had a gut feeling that this was what he had been looking for. 
As he has focused on the Power of 3 and building a strong frontline, he has found that duplication often goes two ways on his team. He says, “It’s so important to find frontline leaders who inspire you as much as you inspired them, if not more. Building a business is not possible without a strong support group.” He encourages his team members to find three people who want to share doTERRA more than they do, and simply teach them to duplicate their process. 
Hitting Diamond, then Blue Diamond was important to Michael because he wanted to show his team that it is possible. He is motivated to continue on to Presidential Diamond because he knows he is doing what he is meant to do. He says, “How many other businesses can give you the satisfaction of genuinely helping people, while giving financial security to yourself and many others? The changes I see happen and the friendships I have developed that will continue for many years make what I do every day seem very unlike work.” 
doTERRA, Michael says, has actually changed his outlook on what is important in life. “I believe success started for me the moment I knew doTERRA was the right company for me. That knowledge is my success. The financial aspect simply means security for my family and the ability to help others. I have seen other lives change through being able to help people achieve their own success. That is what it’s all about.” 

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