Congratulations on Reaching Blue Diamond!

 Mark Sheppard and Rani So

“Time is one of the most important assets yet it can so easily be frittered away. Making contact with a prospect and not undertaking effective follow up is like sand passing through an hourglass. It is simply a massive time waster and therefore a drain on business growth.” 

“doTERRA has the best products that truly deliver results, a compensation plan that pays, and great support from doTERRA corporate.” 

“Follow up is crucial. We follow-up when the new member receives their order. In addition, we encourage attendance at meetings to increase the knowledge and understanding of the products.” 

Communicating with your team:

  1. Speak directly to your team members. Never rely on email or other forms of electronic communication.
  2. People are different and need different rates of communication. Establish regular communication that is agreed upon and committed to by both parties. 
  3. Discussion should focus on motivation and support and focus on the agreed upon goals. 
  4. Listen to the person’s needs.

A Way of Life

Mark and Rani Sheppard had been involved in another network marketing essential oils company when they switched to doTERRA. They say, “We discovered very early that the oils and other products are the very best. We also strongly felt the integrity of the owners and the company. We felt the combination of the products, the integrity, and the amazing support from all of the doTERRA staff would significantly assist us in growing a very successful business.” 

As business partners, they are the biggest support for each other. They are both fully engaged in their business. “Our relationship is one of our major strengths. We are completely on the same page when it comes to our life and business goals. Our joint desire is to share doTERRA for the benefit of everyone. We each have various strengths and weaknesses. These compliment each other so together we are strong and committed.” 

Effectively sharing the products happens when, along with building good relationships, you are filling your schedule with continual activity. “Passionately share the products and be a walking example of how doTERRA can so positively make you so much more healthy and energetic.” 

Sharing the business becomes easier when you fully understand the enrolment process and the compensation plan. “Totally embrace the great benefits of the direct sales industry. Once you fully understand and love the industry, your confidence will flow through to others and they will willingly be attracted to you.” The difference with doTERRA, they say, is anyone who applies themselves can reach Diamond and earn a significant income. 

Mark and Rani say that events can be more successful when you have built a relationship with people and know their needs. “By knowing this, you can openly and with integrity inform them that the event will cater to their needs.” They also emphasise that it’s important to hold events weekly to produce momentum that will help your business grow at a faster rate. 

They know that achieving rank, comes from filling your schedule with events, follow-up, and leadership calls. Set clear goals and plan the road map to achieve the goal. “It has to be your passion and purpose. If it is, you will share no matter where you are or what you are doing. It will become a way of life.” 




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