Congratulations on Reaching Blue Diamond!

 Leonie Featherstone

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“I have been on my own for 16 years and am used to single-handedly tackling business and personal challenges. However, 18 months ago a wonderful man, Stewart, came into my life. While he is not my spouse in the formal sense, he is my rock. He is constantly encouraging me and supporting me.” 

“I proudly use the products and people often tell me they can smell me coming. I take that as a compliment and it’s a great conversation starter. I often reapply my oils. I take out my little bag regardless of where I am and without song and dance apply my oils. Quite often people will excuse themselves and ask me what I’m doing or if I am into ‘natural therapies.’ And the relationship begins.” 

Steps to a Successful Event

  • Connect with each person who attends.
  • Pass the oils around so people can interact with them.
  • Explain the relevance of the purity and potency of the oils.
  • Share information and success stories about the oils.
  • Focus on the benefits of bringing doTERRA into their lives.
  • Offer the options—the kits, the business, ongoing classes, etc.—then let go of the outcome.
  • Help people with their choices, e.g. filling in their account forms, organizing dates for the next classes, etc.
  • Have fun and make new friends! 

A Consistent Action Plan

In May 2012, Leonie Featherstone took the dive into a full-time doTERRA business. She says, “I wanted to show my team that with an indelible why and a consistent action plan, you can achieve anything—in this case, the Diamond rank.” 

Then her friend and co-enroller Cath Rogers passed away from cancer, and she found an emotional reason to achieve Diamond in addition to her financial one. She decided she would walk the carpet at convention as the leader of a Diamond team in Cath’s honour—and she did. Leonie is now a Blue Diamond.

Leonie had always enjoyed network marketing and recognized doTERRA as a sound business opportunity. “Everything centers around the efficacy of the products and educating people to gain the most from those products. When people are empowered to learn how to use a product and they get results, they continue to consume and they share the good news with others. This is the simple brilliance of our business and when this effective duplication process is combined with passion, empathy, and integrity—the sky is the limit.”

Leonie knows that one of the most important aspects of sharing doTERRA with others is making it about the person you’re sharing with. “Take time to genuinely connect with each person, then it’s easier to tailor your approach in a way that has relevance to them. The business opportunity is just another product. If seen this way, it can take some of the fear away. We are simply offering people options and respecting their right to decide which one they choose.” 

This holds true throughout the process, whether sharing or following up. “Really hear what people are saying as it can help you answer their concerns or understand whether or not they are interested. Sometimes even though people aren’t ready to take doTERRA on as a business, they may still be interested in hosting a class or purchasing some oils. By respecting their decisions and where they’re at, you can often maintain a good relationship that could lead you to your next business builder.”

Leonie emphasises that follow up is absolutely crucial throughout the business process. “I see many people spend countless hours and many dollars finding new leads, only to waste them by not following up on them. The same applies to new enrollments. New team members must be followed up on and nurtured regularly so they not only feel cared for, but receive the information and education they need to get the most value out of their product. When this happens, they continue to consume and enjoy the benefits of the LRP, which is the lynch pin to a successful business.”   

Leonie was able to successfully reach Blue Diamond in the same way she reached Elite and every level in between. She found her why, created an action plan, and went to work. She made sure to show emerging leaders what she did so they could duplicate her. “Then I continued to do classes, share the oils and the options, and the circle rolls on!” 



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