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Anastasia Borserio and Zachariah Aurelius

Tips for Creating a Solid Structure

  1.  “The number one tip I would give is to ask your enroller about placement strategy. The placement of your tree, no matter how little, makes the biggest difference to how quickly you and your tree grow.”
  2.  “When you structure, keep it simple. Focus on growing two strong legs and don't grow outwards until you have strength in your legs.
  3. “When structuring family and friends, keep everyone together, don’t separate family or your communities of friends, keep them all in one line.” 

“To be able to work in your own time, on your own schedule, with no limit to the level of growth you can create is extremely empowering.”

“Being part of this company offers so much in terms of personal growth.”


In our Magnificence

As a single mom, Anastasia Borserio was looking for a way to support her son’s health while honouring his body. Not knowing where to turn, she felt disempowered as the steward of her son’s well-being. However, when she was invited to a doTERRA essential oils class about family health, the fire of empowerment began to kindle. She says, “I was blown away by the possibilities that were presented to me in that class. The oils were so powerful and potent and they were so effective for so many.”

Anastasia’s immediate connection with the oils inspired her to enroll in that class, and since that moment, doTERRA has been a gift that keeps giving. For her, one of the greatest gifts has been more family time. Before she started her business, she had to put her son in daycare so that she could go to work and provide for their needs. But when she received her first enrollment kit, she watched the DVD that came with it and saw that there was another, more family friendly way to live. Now, the business opportunity has given her the flexibility to provide for her children while also being with them during the day.

The influence that the business and the oils have had on Anastasia makes it easy for her to share dōTERRA with others, especially moms. She has found that one of the most important aspects of sharing is not about the depth of your knowledge in business, sales, or marketing.“It’s about authentically sharing your experience,” she says, “how it has changed you,  and what doTERRA could offer others. When you speak from their space, people can feel the relevance, and it sparks a light within them.” It is in that light of hope and understanding that she is helping to serve others that constantly propels her in the business.

Another major factor to Anastasia’s success is her partner, Zachariah Aurelius. Anastasia says, “He supports me with the children when I’m teaching classes, with his energy when I’m feeling down, with love when I’ve given a lot, with clarity when I feel confused, with consciousness if I begin to stress. He is my rock and my confidant.” Recently, Zachariah has transitioned from owning his own Pilates studio to building alongside Anastasia. Together they work full-time to build their business. She says, “Zachariah and I are the perfect mirrors for each other. We don’t really accept anything less than being in our magnificence, so we are always bringing each other back to the truth of who we are and knowing the power of what we are creating.”

Every day Anastasia is inspired by messages from others about how the oils are changing their lives, and she is amazed at how the oils continue to influence her own life.  Since the beginning of her doTERRA journey, she has seen her dreams unfold before her. She has witnessed her family relationships grow stronger and deeper, and is grateful for her fellow Wellness Advocates that have also become her family. She says, “doTERRA has completely changed my life, and I feel like I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in natural health, serving others, contributing to the world, and creating abundance.”

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