Congratulations on Reaching Blue Diamond!

Ura Auckland & Petah-Jane Auckland Hall


Ground your Business

Serve. “Success in this business comes very quickly when you follow the lead of the doTERRA owners and seek to serve. When you come from a place of service and find ways to genuinely enhance the lives around you, people know they can trust you, and they open their hearts.” —Ura

Endure. “Do not give up. That is the biggest mistake you can make in this business. Life happens, but don’t allow it to derail you. Stay focused on what you set out to achieve. Being Diamond doesn’t mean a perfect life, but it does mean greater choices.”—Petah-Jane
Create Abundance. “Adopt an attitude of abundance. There is not a household in the world that couldn’t benefit from the doTERRA products. Focus your efforts and attention on inspiring people, including the people you have already enrolled.”—Ura
“I don’t understand how anyone could possibly pass up the doTERRA opportunity. For me, it is the most integrity-driven, honest, transparent, and committed company on the face of the earth, and it strives for excellence constantly.” –Petah-Jane

Egypt & Oils

While on a tour in Egypt, Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall was introduced to Vanessa Jean Ovens, another member of the tour group and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. During the trip, Vanessa Jean introduced Petah-Jane to doTERRA oils and they bonded over the rare essential oils they found in Egypt. Petah-Jane also came across a local Egyptian woman with extensive essential oil knowledge, and was enthralled with the many insights she had. These experiences resonated deeply with Petah-Jane, and she hoped that one day she would have a similar understanding of essential oils. 
When Petah-Jane returned home from her trip, her new passions for Egypt and essential oils continued to grow stronger. Petah-Jane says, “I came back with a vision to create tours in Egypt that would allow Westerners to connect with the authentic Egyptian spirit. I also started researching essential oils as I felt that somehow they would become a big part of my life purpose in addition to the tours.” 
Though essential oils were becoming important to Petah-Jane, she had no thoughts about starting a doTERRA business. However, after seeing Vanessa Jean post about essential oils on social media, Petah-Jane opened her home to Vanessa Jean as a place to stay and to teach classes when she was in their area of Australia. Vanessa Jean accepted this invitation and taught many successful classes while visiting, and even piqued the interest of Petah-Jane and her husband, Ura. Eventually, Petah-Jane joined doTERRA, but asked Vanessa Jean to not talk to her about the business for six months so that she could focus on her tour to Egypt. 
 During these six months, Petah-Jane couldn’t stop dreaming and thinking about essential oils I dreamed constantly about essential oils. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I reached out to Ura and said, ‘I’ve been dreaming about these oils. I really need to do this as a business.’ The rest was history.”
While the business began to press forward, Ura started to have impactful essential oil experiences of his own. He personally witnessed the game-changing effect of Peppermint while he encountered temporary health issues, and even saw the great effect essential oils had on his daughter when she needed an alternative to manage her health. 
Ura had worked in various enterprises as a CFO and COO in both science and medical fields and worked with companies to build substantial businesses. He always sought to work for companies that upheld the highest standards and was in sync with his ideals. While still working for a Business Coaching firm, Ura and Petah-Jane attended a Co-Impact Sourcing® trip in Queenstown, New Zealand. Ura said, “The first night Petah-Jane and I were both deeply moved, and I decided to accept her invitation to join her full-time in the business. I’d been searching for a place I could invest myself in and have a positive impact on the world, and it became very clear to me that to do so in partnership with such a congruent organisation was absolutely my path.” 
Ura and Petah-Jane are a powerhouse pair that continue to work together to create a cohesive and inspiring team. With every step up, they discover a greater fullness to life and are able to explore their passions more deeply. Ura says, “We are driven by touching peoples’ lives, and now we have the opportunity to do that. We have the freedom to design our life as it works for us, and that is food for our souls.”

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