Maintaining your business through the holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner and during this time, you might be looking at taking a break and spending more time with family and friends. Therefore, it can be hard for your doTERRA business to keep running at its regular pace. Here are a few tips on how to keep your business going during this time of year.

  1. Keep your marketing moving – Having an online presence is more important than ever during the holidays as it can be hard to hold classes during this time. You can still make sure that people remain aware of your business by consistently posting on your social media channels and sending out your newsletters.

    A good way you can do this is by having all your content ready to go before you take your break. This way you can schedule all your posts beforehand and not have to worry about posting during the holidays.
  2. Incorporate doTERRA oils at home – The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends while eating lots of delicious food, whether that be a picnic at the park or cozy dinners at home. Take this opportunity to educate some of your nearest & dearest about doTERRA – think of this as your very own class.

    Take your cooking up a notch by making delicious salads, roasts, desserts & drinks using doTERRA essential oils. You can find heaps of recipes here. You can also set the scene by diffusing your favourite doTERRA essential oils throughout your home that your guests will enjoy! Doing this can help spread the word around to your family & friends which in turn could help boost your business.
  3. Get personal – This could be as simple as personalising your emails, sending out cards or small gifts to your team. Check out our Gift Giving Guide for some great LTO items including Rosalina essential oil 5mL, Amavi Gift Set, doTERRA Touch Beautiful Captivating Blend 10mL and so much more that we know your team will love!

    If you’re looking to get creative, have a look at some of our DIY ideas that can also make perfect gifts. Especially during this hectic time of year, putting in the extra effort to make this time easier for someone will mean a lot to them. Getting personal with your team makes them feel appreciated and creates loyalty that can help keep your business running.

By implementing these small steps, you can rest assured that when taking your break during the holidays, your business is always at the front of mind for all your customers.

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