Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall

AromaTouch Technique® Trainer

When did you join doTERRA, and when were you introduced to the AromaTouch technique. 
I joined doTERRA in July of 2014, but didn’t do anything for a whole 6 months. It took me a while before I felt ready to move forward, I felt the calling deep in my heart and genuinely knew that this was going to be something I’d want to be involved with.

I started the business officially after I made a decision to move forward with it in New Zealand on the 15th of January, 2015. My heart was full, I had been dreaming a lot about the oils and I knew it was a soul calling and a true leap of faith and courage at that time! The last thing I wanted to was be involved in a direct selling organisation! But the oils were way to good to ignore.

It paid off, as just 9 months later, we hit Platinum, and 12 months to the day we were back on the lake in Queenstown, at an all expenses paid event by doTERRA for being one of Australia’s highest enrollers. It was amazing.  

Why do you love the AromaTouch Technique?
I was introduced to the AromaTouch technique by Adheesh and Santoshi in June of 2015, a few months after I made the decision to the business. I remember feeling both a strong resistance and a huge pull to learning more deeply about the oils. I was resistant because I never saw myself as a masseuse and didn’t know if I could deal with that aspect of these treatments, but I was drawn to understand a more kinaesthetic approach and see first hand how these oils can be used to their fullest extent. I was not disappointed either! It was amazing. And it developed into a full blown passion for it. 

I love the AromaTouch Technique because as Dr Hill says “words escape you”. There is a technical term for this and its called apoptosis. It’s that feeling - that indescribable feeling - of being both blissed out and yet totally reenergised as a result of this beautiful 45 minute treatment that is easy to learn and hard to forget.   

Why would you encourage others to learn the AromaTouch Technique?  
I’d encourage others to learn the technique for the deep healing it provides you at a soul level: emotionally, physically and spiritually. It helps you see first hand how the oils were intended to be used, with nothing added and nothing taken away. A very simple, elegant, and powerful technique which is perfect in every way. If you want to see (and feel) how the oils at work, and if you want to see the evolution of love at the very deepest of levels, this is the technique that will transform your connection with yourself and others at the deepest of levels.  

To let Petah-Jane know of your interest in the AromaTouch Technique, send her an email here:


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