Henna Watson

AromaTouch Technique® Trainer

When did you join doTERRA, and when were you introduced to the AromaTouch Technique?
I started sharing doTERRA in May 2016 and then was introduced to the AromaTouch Technique® in March 2017.  

Why do you love the AromaTouch Technique?
I love that Dr. Hill designed a technique that is a simple, easy to use, clinical application of essential oils. It's not only a relaxing experience but the benefits are like no other. The techniques helps support the emotional and physical well-being of the recipient.

Why would you encourage others to learn the AromaTouch Technique?
Anyone can learn this technique and use this skill wherever they go. It allows you to serve others in a powerful way and watch the magnificent effects the oils have on a person.  The technique really serves both the giver and the recipient and its a great way to connect with others through the power of touch.

To let Henna know of your interest in the AromaTouch Technique, send her an email here: henna.inspirehealth@gmail.com

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