Anastasia Adam

Platinum Wellness Advocate

As a mum to a newborn who was looking to reduce toxins in her home, Anastasia Adam was introduced to doTERRA by a childhood friend at a time that could not be more perfect. Her friend shared how she was supporting her family using doTERRA essential oils and how she had grown a successful business through doTERRA in just a few months.

For Anastasia, this was the beginning of something amazing. “At the time, I had no idea how many ways our family could incorporate essential oil into our daily lives.”

The initial workshop opened up a can of worms for Anastasia. She learnt that not all oils were created equal and she began researching doTERRA in more depth. With the knowledge that she had the purest essential oils in her hands, Anastasia then looked into the essential oils she already had in her home and was extremely surprised at what was actually in the bottles; needless to say she threw them straight into the bin.

“I feel confident that my family’s well-being is now being supported with doTERRA.” Her belief in the product drives her to share them with families that may need them but don’t yet know they exist.

Anastasia puts achieving the rank of Platinum down to hard work and dedication and is reminded that a lot of self-development is required to obtain results. “Know why you started and write it down. Start sharing and you will learn the business as you go.”

Along her journey, Anastasia has had her fair share of hard times, but has always stayed motivated. “Never quit on a bad day. Know that every ‘no’ is getting you closer to the ‘yeses’.”


Anastasia works closely with her team to make sure that her goals and her team’s goals line up. She believes it’s every Leader’s birthright to be a Presidential Diamond and her passion for the oils and opportunity to be involved in a doTERRA business is enduring.

“You are going to meet the most amazing people that will support you, lift you and watch you rise.”


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