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Product Education: Supporting a Healthy Learning Environment

Supporting a Healthy Learning Environment

Whatever their age, successful children have one thing in common: they learn just as much outside the classroom as in it. It is important to create an environment in your home that encourages learning. Kids need a place to do homework, a space to play and learn, and opportunities to discover the world around them.


  • Start with a clean space and remove distractions
  • Diffuse energizing essential oils—being consistent is important, so pick and oil and stick with it
  • Keep Thinker® Focus Blend at hand during study time

How to create a good study space

Creating a homework station for your child can encourage healthy study habits and create an enthusiasm for learning. Start with a clean, uncluttered desk. Add good lighting, pens and pencils, and any other tools needed to get homework done. Shut off distractions (TV, music, and electronics not needed for homework).

Finally, provide a glass of water, a snack, and your child’s favorite essential oils. Diffusing energizing oils can help increase a sense of focus and creativity and make study time more productive. You can also dilute chosen oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply them to your child’s feet or pulse points for an energizing boost.

Essential oils for effective studying

The Thinker blend was designed specifically to aid focus and to help with all of the activities that kids do daily. It contains oils that reduce distracted feelings and promote a stronger sense of concentration. Limonene is one of the main constituents in the Thinker blend and is known for its invigorating properties and its ability to create an uplifting and positive environment.

Other oils that are helpful for studying include citruses like Wild Orange and Tangerine. Mint oils also help. The aroma of Spearmint stimulates a sense of focus and uplifts the mood. It is particularly good for children, because it is milder than Peppermint while providing the stimulating benefits of the mint oils.

Rosemary can be helpful when studying and makes an excellent companion for test day. Diffuse Rosemary during study time and before your child leaves for school.


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