South Africa FAQ


When did doTERRA South Africa Launch?

We launched on October 9, 2019. We have seen an increase of market growth by 700% and have quadrupled our dedicated staff. We have released over 50 new products and will continue to release more as they become available.

Will doTERRA expand to other African countries?

As we grow in South Africa, we will be looking into new markets to open and develop. We see great potential on the continent of Africa and plan to expand as resources permit.

What is the difference between Wholesale Customers (WC) and Wellness Advocates (WA)?

WC accounts are for those who only want to enjoy doTERRA products and participated in LRP, but do not wish to sponsor and enroll others.  This customer type is not allowed to enroll others or receive bonuses for building activity.

WA accounts are for those who want to share or build doTERRA and receive financial benefits by earning commissions and bonuses on a weekly and monthly basis. 

What is the enrollment process?

All new members may enrol online at or by filling out a paper WA or WC agreement and sending a picture of it to customer service at

The enrollment process for all members includes these steps:

  • Select South Africa as the country. 
  • Provide contact and home address information that is unique to the member.
  • Select an enrollment kit, or pay the enrolment fee and select product.

    • We encourage enrolment with a kit because it provides the best value – including up to a 20% discount on all product and waiving of the enrollment fee. Enroling with a kit also provides the best experience for new members who are learning the benefits of our oils.
  • Verify the shipping and billing information, and finish checking out to process the enrollment.


After the enrollment is complete, the new member will be able to sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Program (auto shipment). If members chooses not to sign up for LRP right away, they have the ability to do this in the Virtual Office at any time.

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)?

The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) provides free product credits for monthly purchases that are made within the auto-ship order template. 

As an LRP participant, members immediately begin to earn product credits that can be redeemed to purchase more doTERRA products. 

Having an LRP template of 100+ PV also qualifies Wellness Advocates for additional commissions and bonuses.  For example, doTERRA’s Fast Start enrollment bonus is earned with an LRP template in place, regardless of when the enrollment occurs or when the order is placed throughout the month.  

The longer you participate, the more credit you can earn—up to 30% of total monthly LRP purchases. 

Points can be redeemed through online ordering or through a customer service order.

Will Wellness Advocates be able to downgrade to Wholesale Customers if they have no downline?

Our South African team is coordinating with the Placements department to determine who will be eligible to downgrade and how to downgrade these accounts. More information will be released closer to launch.

I am a foreigner living in South Africa. How do I enroll?

Depending on residency plans and desired account type, foreigners may open an account in their home country and work with customer service to order locally.  If the member would like, they can enroll with a South African account.  However, please understand that in order to be paid commissions, the Wellness Advocate must have a local South African bank to receive direct deposit.    


What products offered in South Africa?

See all our products here.

View Products

When will the Lifelong Vitality Pack and other supplements be offered?

Lifelong Vitality is now available as a pack or individual bottles. The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program makes taking the first step on the path toward a lifetime of vitality and wellness convenient and affordable.

How did doTERRA South Africa price the products?

In each foreign market where doTERRA operates, we add a small markup above US pricing to account for the added difficulty of exporting doTERRA’s high quality product and operating abroad.

doTERRA South Africa products are all be priced in South African Rand (ZAR).  

Where do doTERRA South Africa oils come from?

doTERRA essential oils are sourced for optimum quality and potency from around the world and then consolidated at our Utah facility for rigorous filtering and quality assurance testing.  

doTERRA imports those validated oils from the US to South Africa for local sales.  This approach allows doTERRA to control and maintain its CPTG quality standard for oils in South Africa.

You can be assured that the oils you are enjoying in South Africa have the same quality and undergo the same rigorous testing as doTERRA CPTG oils everywhere else in the world.

Where do doTERRA South Africa’s other products come from?

Thus far, doTERRA has been successful at registering the same skin care and personal care product formulations sold in the US for the South Africa market. 

All doTERRA products, are formulated and overseen by doTERRA corporate science and manufacturing experts. 

We are still exploring nutritional product registration options that will allow us to market our unique and innovative dietary supplements.

What claims are we allowed to make for essential oils?

The vast majority of dōTERRA’s products in South Africa will be registered for topical or aromatic use only.  Our goal is to receive the approvals from the local regulatory agencies to market the essential oils for internal use. However, until we receive approval, we require all members to make responsible and compliant claims when promoting dōTERRA product.

As we introduce new products in the market, we will communicate those that are eligible for internal use claims. 

Due to registration restrictions, certain 5mL bottles are registered as food items and can therefore be advertised to take internally. Most 15mL bottles are registered for aromatic and topical use. As an example, a 5mL bottle of Lemon essential oil is the same exact formula as a 15mL bottle, due to registration restrictions, they are registered with different uses.



Are products being distributed from a warehouse in South Africa?

Yes, doTERRA distributes nationwide from its third party fulfillment center in Johannesburg.  

From there, we rely on a network of regional carriers to keep our shipping cost as low as possible while keeping delivery times reasonable.

What is the shipping fee for all orders shipped in South Africa?

Standard Shipping

Price: R99, Place a 125PV LRP order by the 15th of every month for FREE shipping

Delivery Time: 3-5 Business days

Expedited Shipping

Price: R150

Delivery Time- 2-3 Business days

Does doTERRA have a product center and an office in South Africa?

Yes! We have our Johannesburg office and Product Center. We are thrilled to be on the ground in South Africa!


Eagle Canyon Office Park, Units 1 & 2 Frederick Avenue,

Randpark Ridge Randburg,


South Africa


Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Does dōTERRA ship to South Africa from the United States like in other markets?

No, due to import restrictions dōTERRA will not be able to offer an NFR channel to South Africa like we do with Australia, Canada, Russia, etc. Members may contact customer service to place orders in a different market, but the account holder will be responsible to get the product to South Africa similar to how GAC operates.

Will other African countries be able to order from South Africa?

dōTERRA offers bulk shipment services to SADAC which includes:

  • Botswana
  • Mozambique
  • Swaziland
  • Lesotho
  • Zambia
  • Nambia

 Payment Options

How can I pay for my orders in South Africa?

Members can use their local South African debit or credit cards that are branded Visa or MasterCard.  Points accumulated through LRP activity may also be redeemed to order product.  Also, commissions that accrue on the AR balance may also be used to purchase product.

doTERRA will continue to implement other payment methods as the market grows.

doTERRA will not accept cash or other cash based payment methods.

 WA Business Questions

Are there changes to the compensation plan for South Africa?

No, the same global rules apply.  

We will, however, continue to closely monitor the South African market and make improvements to our plan if needed.

Can Wellness Advocates Resell doTERRA products?

Yes, WAs are welcome to share and/or resell doTERRA products in South Africa.

What is the difference between Sponsors and Enrollers?

An Enroller is the WA who introduces a new member to doTERRA and has a personal relationship with the member. 

  • Enrollment relationships are used to determine Fast Start and qualifying legs to hit rank.  

Sponsor is the WA who is directly above a member in his or her organization and is responsible for long-term product training.  

  • The sponsor organization is used to determine Power of 3 structuring bonus, rank related volume, and Unilevel bonuses.  

If you have further questions, customer service (; +27105002462) can provide more details.

How do I earn commissions for building?

Consistent with all other markets, WAs with qualifying LRP templates and monthly personal and organizational volume will be paid due commissions.

Commissions will be paid weekly and monthly.  Commissions will accrue to their Account Receivable (AR) balance in the virtual office until the WA provides a completed Direct Deposit Form.

How do I get paid my commission into my bank account?

To be paid accrued commissions via direct deposit, Wellness Advocates in South Africa will need to provide their Direct Deposit Form to [insert email address for DD forms].

Once a WA’s Direct Deposit Form have been processed, all future earnings will automatically be paid to the bank account the WA instructed.

What other leadership resources are available?

Builders should work with their upline leaders to provide product and business training and resources for their sales teams and customer groups. 

WAs ranked Silver and above also have access to a doTERRA account manager who can help them optimize their business and support their teams.

As WAs have questions about how to best structure their team, they can talk to upline leaders, or account management. 

Specific placement questions and issues can be addressed by corresponding with our placement specialists at 

doTERRA and upline leaders will also hold regular events around South Africa to provide product and business education.

Will Wellness Advocates have personal websites after launch?

Yes, Wellness Advocates will have personal sites associated with their dōTERRA account where they can refer potential members to if they would like to enroll. Until we have retail pricing set up, there is not a need for personal websites.

What educational material will be available?

There are many educational resources found online including our Healthy Habits Guide. We are working on more materials for our market.

What languages will marketing material be translated to?

We will provide all material in English. As the market matures and we can better gauge demand we will explore translations for Afrikaans, Zulu, and other local languages as needed.


What does doTERRA expect from its members?

doTERRA maintains the highest ethical standards and expects honesty and integrity from its members. 

Members should not represent themselves as the Company, nor should they use doTERRA’s trademarks without express written permission from doTERRA. A list of authorized doTERRA Wellness Advocate trademarks will be provided at a future date.

Members also should not make claims (especially in online forums, social media, blogs, etc.) that claim that doTERRA’s products can be used to cure, heal or treat diseases or illnesses. A list of doTERRA South Africa approved claims by product will be published at a future date.

It’s critical that doTERRA Wellness Advocates act with total integrity when recruiting.  Relationships are more valuable than commissions. doTERRA does not tolerate WAs recruiting members from other WA teams.    

Who do I contact with compliance questions?

Members can contact for compliance questions or to provide evidence of non-compliant behavior.  

Silver and above leaders may also consult with their account managers to better understand how to apply compliance policies.

Member Support

Can one get a tour of local staff offices or the warehouse?

One is welcome to visit our local staff and product center and we will be delighted to give you a tour, however we are unable to give tours of our warehouses.

Does doTERRA offer Product of the Month (POM)?

Yes. Like other markets, members will need to place a 125 PV LRP order on or by the 15th of the month to get their FREE product of the month. 

Does doTERRA South Africa have a website or social media?


Official Website:

Official Instagram:

Official Facebook:

Official Facebook Business:

How do I reach Customer Service?

doTERRA South Africa’s customer service is available by:

Phone:(+27) 0105002462


Time: 9:00- 17:00

International leaders can call US customer service and ask to be transferred to the South African Customer Service team.

Local South African members can reach our US based South Africa customer service team by calling the above local phone number: Monday - Friday, 9:00- 17:00

Founders Club

How many Founder spots are available?

There are currently 8 spots remaining.

What is the benefit of Founders Club?

Qualifying members of the South Africa Founders Club will receive a special annual bonus in perpetuity.

doTERRA reserves 1% of South Africa’s total commissionable volume to be shared with the Founders Club members each year.

What are the basic requirements to be a Founder in South Africa?

1.    This opportunity is open to all doTERRA Wellness Advocates.

§  A founder can live in any country, select any language as their preferred language, and sign up at any time.

§  A founder needs to be in good standing with doTERRA

2.    A founder must have achieved the rank of Gold+ for three consecutive months for initial qualification.

§  90% of the Gold volume must be from the South Africa market.

§  This means that each qualified Executive leg for the Gold structure must have at least 1,800 in volume from South Africa accounts.

§  The three qualifying Premier legs must have a South Africa account.

§  The Founders positions will be awarded to the first 20 qualifiers who pass company audits.

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