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Create the feeling of a crisp, clear morning, wherever you are with Air-X. Air-X is designed to help freshen the air when diffused as well as soothes skin whilst reducing the appearance of imperfections and promotes feelings of openness.

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Air-X™ 15 mL

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Experience the ultimate elevation in well-being with the doTERRA South Africa Post-Convention Kit, inspired by our "Elevate" theme. This exclusive kit is available for a limited time and includes a curated selection of products designed to uplift your health and wellness.

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Post Convention Kit 2024


Travel Pill Box

Travel Pill Box 

Item: 60214358
Size: 1 Piece
Wholesale: R 80.00
Retail: R 107.00
PV: 0


doTERRA travel pill box is made from industrial wheat straw. This case has six compartments for your vitamins and supplements so you can stay on track with your health.


Add your vitality pills to any compartment.


Keep out of reach from children.

Primary Benefits

  • Convenient to travel with medication.
  • Keeps pills cool and dry.
  • Small and compact for any pocket or bag.
  • Natural and nonharmful to the environment. 
  • Helps to keep pills organized.

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