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Laluz Diffuser

Laluz™ Diffuser 

Item: 60216258
Size: 1 diffuser
Retail: R 1 107,00
Wholesale: R 830,00
PV: 10


Turn any space into a luxurious spa with Laluz. This sculptural diffuser creates ultrasonic vibrations, transforming water and essential oils into an aroma-infused mist, and its specially designed lighting options give the aroma an ambiance to match. With a runtime of up to eight hours, you can diffuse your favorite essential oils all day or night.

  • Water Capacity: 120 mL
  • Suggested Room Size: Up to 30 square meters
  • Continuous Operation: High Mist Output – Up to 4 hours; Low Mist Output – Up to 8 hours
  • Timer: 1 hour/2 hours/4 hours/Timer Off (Always On)
  • Light Options: Dim, bright warm, and lavender 
  • Material: Glass top cover and polypropylene
  • Automatic safety shut-off

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