dōTERRA International and CHOICE Humanitarian Add to Nepal Relief Efforts

Deaths, injuries, and high risks of infection all resulted from the 2015 Nepal earthquake, but organization like CHOICE Humanitarian were ready to help.

On the 25th of September, more than 600 people gathered to enjoy an enchanting evening at the CHOICE Humanitarian gala.1 In celebration of CHOICE Humanitarian’s thirty years of service, the gala provided cultural entertainment and experiences from different countries around the world, helping their guests to see the rich culture that emanates from the poverty stricken countries that CHOICE works to assist, one of which is Nepal. In an effort to raise money to rebuild Nepal after the devastating earthquake in early 2015, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation made a donation at the CHOICE Humanitarian gala to spur the match of contributions by other donors in attendance. CHOICE’s event helped raise an outstanding amount of 600,000 dollars.

The successful gala was a part of Choice Humanitarian’s continued efforts in raising money to provide relief for the Nepalese. After the earthquake took place on April 25, 2015, many Nepalese suffered from homelessness, starvation, disease, and especially infection. The aftermath of the earthquake left the Nepalese wandering the streets in search of water; even though that water was at high risk of harboring infectious diseases such as Dengue fever, malaria, typhoid fever, and Japanese encephalitis.2 At that point, infection had the potential to take more lives than the initial earthquake.3 The earthquake had also claimed many homes, schools, and markets, plummeting their economy.

In response to their devastating circumstances, CHOICE Humanitarian and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation banded together to join in on the worldwide effort to help the Nepalese overcome this traumatic experience. Together, they were able to help the Nepalese get sustainable food, hygiene kits, and water purification tablets, as well as provide the people with the right tools to rebuild their beautiful country, restore schools back to their lands, and obtain jobs which helped boost their economy.

CHOICE Humanitarian’s constant efforts to sustain communities and end worldwide poverty is changing lives and building a hopeful future. To learn more about CHOICE Humanitarian or how to make a donation, visit their website.


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2."Disease outbreak could claim more lives in Nepal than earthquake: Medical experts"
3."Disease outbreak could claim more lives in Nepal than earthquake: Medical experts"

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