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Event Themes


Hosting a class is all about being creative. Tailoring your theme depends on who is coming. If people who are attending have heard and even used essential oils, you can get a bit more in depth about certain oils. You can find inspiration anywhere. Brainstorm with your team, poll some people on Facebook, or head over to Pinterest. We’ve collaborated with some successful Wellness Advocates to get their ideas on the subject as well.

  • Healthy Family and Kids – The top oils every household needs for natural health and well-being.
  • Home Spa Party – Custom combining of oils with lotions and bath products.
  • Cooking with Essential Oils – Learn how essentials oils can be used for flavoring dishes.
  • Cleanse and Restore – Rid your body of toxins and feel your best.
  • Essential Skin Care – Learn more about the doTERRA skin care line or teach what oils can be used as natural skin care solutions.
  • Back to School – Natural ways to promote a healthy lifestyle for children, especially during the change of seasons and school transition.
  • Green Cleaning – Keep your house free of toxins by using powerful, natural cleaners.
  • Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby – Keep your body in optimum health as you enjoy the pregnancy journey and adjust to the new baby at home.

One recommendation from Wellness Advocates is to personally ask invitees what they are looking for. Whether it’s how to achieve a healthier lifestyle or they are curious what essential oils can do for them, asking them will help you answer their questions.

Visit the doTERRA business blog for more event theme ideas.


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