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Episode 12: Clean Air in the Home

This episode, Kari Coody talks about how you can purify the air in your home naturally. She will give examples of how she uses essential oils to purify the air in her own home, the consequences of poor air quality in your home, as well as some houseplants that you can bring into your home to improve the air quality.


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Hey there. I'm Kari Coody. I am glad to be with you today. And I want to share a little bit about how we can purify the air in our home and why that's so important. And let me tell you a little bit about why I got started. This is actually one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to and really sought out to introduce essential oils into my home. 

About six or seven years ago, I was blessed with a little baby girl and I was very concerned about what was I bringing into my home and what environment was I creating for her. This is something that was really on my heart and I knew I could do better, and I was just looking for a different solution, and I was so just blessed to bring essential oils into my home six years ago and they've been such a blessing ever since. So I want to share with you today a few ways that you can look to purify the air in your home why you would really want to do that as well. So let's dive in.

Air Quality in the Home

So first off, let's look at why you would even want to think about the air quality in your home. Lots of times we don't really think about the air that we're breathing in every day. We're so busy and consumed with our lives and just moving at a fast pace. But it really would be worth your attention to really look and consider what am I bringing to my home and what is the air quality like. I want you to consider the things that you're bringing in what you're doing to really improve this air quality. 


One of the greatest things that I've introduced to my home is a diffuser. This is one of the easiest ways that I could improve the air quality in my home. It's such a such an easy thing to just set it and forget it. And I know with our busy lives that's one of the things that I love doing. And it really allows everybody to benefit from what I'm putting in the air.

So let's talk about what you might want to put in that diffuser and essentials are such a great choice to diffuse in your home because they have amazing benefits that can really clear the air. They can take smells out of the air. They can just make your home environment so much more inviting and having aromatherapy effect every single day. You don't have to wait to go to a spa to have that in your home. You can have it every single day with just something as simple as setting your diffuser. 


A few things that I'd love to put in my diffuser. Purify is one of my favorite oils to put in the diffuser it's actually a blend of essential oils that smells wonderful and clean. I love to diffuse it maybe after I cook a meal. It really cleanses the air and it has that bright citrusy scent that I love so much. 


Another one of my favorites is Lemon. I love to diffuse Lemon when I just need a pick me up. It really just has that great warm and sunny feel to it. It really brings the mood of everybody up in your house. 


Right. Let's talk about [AromaTouch] and how our kids might benefit from that. I know that my kids definitely do. I love diffusing that one. 

On Guard®

So another one that I love to diffuse is On Guard. It has many cleansing benefits and I love that it gives our immune system a boost. So I love to diffuse that one. 

One add-on to that I love to put in there is Wild Orange. So putting those together is something that can really help cleanse and purify the air and it just has that lovely scent to go along with it. And I love replacing candles and this is one of the ones that I really enjoyed right when I first got started and had continue to enjoy that over the last six years. 

DIY Natural Room Spray

So let's talk also about other ways that you can improve the air quality and really clean the air in your home. I'd love to make a room spray to really—you know when I first got started with essential oils, I was looking at all the products I had around and how I could replace those. I know many of you are probably looking to do the same thing. I used to love to spray room sprays in my kitchen, in my bedroom, in the bathroom, and so that was one thing that I was really looking to replace that I knew would be a great benefit to my home and really increase the air quality. 

I'll give you a little blend that I'd love to personally use in a room spray, and I would just simply add this to water and you could just spritz it wherever you wanted it. So I love to add equal parts of Citrus Bliss, Grapefruit, and Siberian Fir to a little water and sprayed around my house. It really is just a lovely effect in your home, and it just it just makes the air quality so much better and so much more inviting. I love the aromatherapy even that I get from that. 


So lastly let's talk about other things that will improve the quality of the air in your home. I love to bring in plants to do this as well. And sometimes we really forget about how many benefits plants can have in our home to help improve the air quality. And I really have a brown thumb I would say. So these plants that I'm going to share with you are pretty much fool proof, and I want you to be confident about bringing me into your home. You do have to water them, but other than that they're going to be very resilient, and they're going to do a lot of good in your home without you even really having to do much work to them, right? We're looking for easy ways that we can improve the air quality. 

When we bring in living green plants into our home, it really increases the air quality because what those plants do is they absorb the gases that are in our home and that can improve the air quality. So if you're used to bringing in artificial plants because you think, “I can't keep anything alive,” I really want to encourage you to bring in some of these and replace those artificial plants with the living plants. 

Snake Plant, Peace Lily, and Fern

So, three of my favorites that you can really find anywhere are first, a snake plant. This is probably my top favorite plant that I've brought into my home. They're pretty much—you can't really kill these plants. So I want you to know that, right? Feel confident about that. So a snake plant. Easy to find. 

Also, a Peace Lily, very beautiful and easy to keep alive. And then lastly a fern. Those three plants if you bring those into your home not only are they going to make your home look great. 

I love adding greenery around my home. It's just another element to decorating. So when you bring green plants into your home knowing that you're really doing something great for the air quality is awesome. I love a double duty thing in my home. And that's exactly what plants do for you. 

Small Steps to a Happy and Healthy Home

So I hope that you've enjoyed these tips today and you'll go out and implement something that I've talked about in a small way. And that's what it's all about really making these small steps and being aware of what we're bringing to our home to really make our home happy and healthy.

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