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Episode 1: Essential Oils for Energy

This episode Nicole Moultrie talks about essential oils for energy. She gives examples of the different types of oils that can be used for energy, how to use them, as well as her favorite tips and tricks to bringing energy into her life through essential oils. Listen by clicking one of the links below and don't forget to download the worksheet.


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Hey, it's Nicole Moultrie and we're gonna be talking about essential oils and energy today. This is one of my favorite topics and one of my favorite ways to use essential oils. So we're gonna cover three different topics. We're gonna talk about what oils are energizing, how I use them in my daily routine, and what works best, and what is most efficient in providing energy, and how I use essential oils. Then the third thing we're gonna talk about are a few of my favorite essential oils and some tips and tricks that help us in our homes. 

What Essential Oils are Energizing? 

What oils are energizing? We're gonna talk about mint, we're gonna talk about citrus, gonna talk about our tree oils and we're gonna talk about our herb oils. Let's get started.

Mint Oils

First, mint oils; these are some of my favorites. A lot of us will think of Peppermint as being very energizing and invigorating and stimulating and it is. One of my favorites is Spearmint, that comes from the mint family. We also have Wintergreen and all of these oils provide us with a sense of excitement, invigoration, stimulation, and this is one of my favorite plant groups to choose oils for energy from.

Citrus Oils

The second group that I love is citrus. Citrus just makes us feel good. It makes us smile. We've got Tangerine, we've got Red Mandarin, we've got Green Mandarin, we've got Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, Citrus Bliss. doTERRA leaves us with a lot of choices in this area. They're monoterpenes, which are potent in limonene, which means they're super effective for uplifting our mood, for providing us with energy and an energized overall experience.

Tree, Grass, Herb Oils

Now the third group I want to talk about, this is our tree, our grass, our herb oils. These are things like Frankincense, Copaiba, Siberian Fir. Just talking about them gets me excited. It energizes me. We've got Vetiver, you've got Basil. Now this group, this is interesting because this provides us with a sense of grounding, a sense of clarity, a sense of renewal, which often times, maybe we wouldn't associate that with energy. But I'm telling you, if I can get some more clarity, and a sense of renewal, I'm gonna be feeling much more energized.

How To Use Essential Oils for Energy

How do I use my essential oils for energy? There are three ways to use them, aromatically, topically and internally. I actually choose to use all three methods every single day. 

Aromatic Use

My favorite, it's hard to pick a favorite because they're all three so very effective, but maybe my favorite might be aromatically. The quickest way to have an effect on our mood is through the air. Once we smell, let's say a citrus oil, we open the bottle of Wild Orange or Bergamot or Lemon, instantly, what's happening is our olfactory system starts to take this scent in. That's what controls our sense of smell. And then immediately after that, it starts being processed through our limbic system. That's right here. It's our emotional driver seat. It stores our emotions; it stores our memories. Almost instantaneously, when we smell, we have a response. Now, we want it to be a positive response, so that's why we're talking about citrus oils, wood oils, mint oils providing us with energy. But it's amazing the power that comes from and the energy that comes just from aromatic use. I love that.

Diffusing, if you don't have a diffuser, drop two drops in your hand, rub 'em together, take a deep breath and you will, like I said, pretty instantaneously have a response to that essential oil that you picked to use for energy. 

Topical Use

Second way that I love to use essential oils for energy is going to be topically. I love this. There's almost a one-two punch in the topical effect. I'm gonna apply maybe one to two drops to my wrist, rub 'em together. What's left, I'll put across my chest or the back of my neck. Now when I'm doing that, I'm getting essential oils on my body, in my skin, but because they're so powerful, I'm also getting the aromatic benefit just by applying it topically and taking a deep breath in. 

Here's a little tip and trick that I learned a few years ago and I love it. Take your favorite oil that you're using for energy, let's say Spearmint or Wild Orange, or Tangerine, something like that. I want you to put a drop in your hand, rub it together, and then put it in your hair. Rub it, if you're a man or your hair is short, rub it on top of your head, however you want to do it. But what you're doing with that is you're providing yourself with almost a little aromatic diffuser throughout the day. It's one of my favorite tips and tricks. Try that when you're using it aromatically and topically.

Internal Use

The third way I love to use essential oils for energy is internally. Now, this is a great opportunity to add extra benefits in. What I love to do is get a citrus oil, (We went through the list, right? We've got Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, Tangerine, Mandarin. We've got all these choices.), and add one to two drops into your water, anything you're drinking, and what's gonna happen is it's gonna rid our body of any extra toxins that we don't need. I love knowing that that little simple habit that I've created throughout the day is benefiting my body, just that simply. 

Before I hit the gym, what I love to use, is put one to two drops of Slim & Sassy in my water bottle. You've got a combination of Peppermint, of Cinnamon, of Grapefruit that is instant energy. You'll feel motivated to get to your workout and have a really great response internally.

A Few Favorites

So now I want to talk about a few of my favorites. It was hard to narrow this down, but I'm gonna stick to what I use almost every single day. 


This is Spearmint essential oil. Now, I know a lot of you are like, “I use Peppermint for energy every day.” I'm gonna challenge you to use its twin brother, I don't know if it's twin brother, but I want you to break out Spearmint. It smells amazing. Here's my experience with Spearmint: Any time you open, just take the cap off, anyone that is around you, is drawn to Spearmint. “What's that smell? It smells so clean; it smells so crisp.” It's instantly invigorating and energizing. I love to put a drop or two on my wrist, rub it together, do the hair trick, put it over your chest. This is also fantastic just putting a drop in your water bottle for energy, cleansing, invigoration. Spearmint is amazing. Every morning, we'll add either Peppermint or Spearmint, with the citrus oil, push play on the diffuser and we're up, ready to go. Trust me, you will love Spearmint, give it a try.

Red Mandarin

Next one I want to talk about—this is amazing—this is Red Mandarin. This is known as one of the sweetest of all our citrus oils. I gotta smell it. It smells amazing. This is very high in limonene, which all our citrus oils are, but there's a little unsung here or little trick with Red Mandarin. It's also really high, it's about 15% in gamma-Terpinene. What that means is it has really great cleansing properties. Along with all the amazing benefits that citrus oils provide us—energy, releasing toxins—this is gonna be a natural cleansing agent. I want you to think skin care. I want you to think, “Gosh, my kitchen would smell amazing if I added a drop or two of Red Mandarin to my surface cleaner.” Or it has similar properties to Black Pepper and Ginger. It's also really great as a digestive aid. Red Mandarin is your next challenge to add to your energy routine and also use some of the other benefits. It smells amazing and I love, love, love Red Mandarin. 


Another favorite at our house is Motivate. This comes from our emotional essential oil line and I love it. It's a combination of Clementine, of Melissa, of Peppermint and it again, I gotta smell it. It smells amazing. We have three small kids at my house. I've got a nine, seven, and three-year-old, and sometimes we need a little motivation to get to school, to get to practice, to get our homework done, and this is Mom's go-to. Let me tell you the name that it also goes by is Encouraging Blend. We need a little motivation and we need a little bit of encouragement. 

Now, here's how to use it. Drop or two in the diffuser, push play. Super simple, but here's a mom hack for you. If you have a daughter that doesn't like any of the spicy oils, meaning mint, go ahead and put a little drop on the back of their collar or a little bit on their shirt sleeve and they'll get the same benefit and they'll be a little bit tricked into, I don't have to put an essential oils on me. Put it on their collar, put it on their sleeve and they'll get the same amazing benefit from Motivate. This is something that we've got in every athletic bag in our house, this is something we love to gift, this is something that provides energy instantaneously. I love, love, love Motivate.


The last one I want to talk about is Elevation. This is known as our Joyful Blend. It is an oldie but a goodie. Oh, it smells so good. Now here's what I think about Elevation. So, we're talking about previous oils, it's like I said, instant energy. They're almost like very exciting, very energizing, just talking about them! But let me tell you about elevation. Elevation provides an experience. It's got Melissa, it's got Ylang Ylang, it has Lavender, it has Tangerine in it, and it just is this magical oil that is invigorating, but almost in a, I want to say, it's a magical oil that provides energy, clarity and grounding all in one. 

Let me tell you how to use Elevation. This is what I love about it and this is where the experience comes from. Go ahead, before you start your morning routine, put a drop or two at the bottom of your shower. Let it steam up for a few minutes and take a step in and experience Elevation. Run a bath, get some Epsom salts, put one or two drops in that, and experience Elevation. I love this oil applied topically, especially over the chest. Again, it's such an experience of true elevation.

Try it Yourself

Today, we've talked about what oils are energizing. What's the most effective way in using essential oils to provide energy, some of my favorites, and some tips and tricks. I hope that it has been helpful. I hope that you'll reach out and try some of these new oils for energy. I know that you will love them as much as I do.

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