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Ser Empoderado

Empowered You

doTERRA Empowered You is a personal development program designed to help you learn, love, and live your strengths every day. As you recognize and use your strengths consistently, you will unlock incredible potential in yourself. This will play out in all areas of your life, from your view of yourself, your relationships, to your growing doTERRA business.


Get Started

Empowered You starts with taking the CliftonStrengths® assessment. The test identifies your most dominant natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving from a list of 34 unique talents. You have two ways to take the test: 

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Grow Your Business

Do you want to experience extraordinary growth with your business? As a Wellness Advocate, you will find the most success when you use your strengths and focus on the things you naturally do well. doTERRA is committed to helping you embrace your strengths because when you do the results are powerful.
Strengths Guide for Builders

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