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Product Spotlight: Phytoestrogen Essential Complex

Phytoestrogen Essential Complex Description
Hormones influence virtually every function in a woman’s body. A balance of normal hormone levels will influence a woman’s good health and emotional well-being from her early teens to her transition through menopause. doTERRA Women Phytoestrogen Essential Complex is a blend of standardized plant phytoestrogens and whole food extracts that support hormone balance gently and naturally.* This doTERRA supplement also includes a concentrated source of flax seed lignans, which may help manage the by-products of estrogen metabolism.* 

Stabilizing hormones begins with healthy lifestyle behaviors such as eating right and exercising, but additional nutritional supplementation such as Phytoestrogen Essential Complex can help reduce uncomfortable issues associated with PMS and the transition through menopause, and will provide additional support for healthy bones, heart, breast tissue, and other body structures and function as a woman ages.*  

Taking one to two capsules of Phytoestrogen Essential Complex per day with meals will assist with proper endocrine system function for optimal wellness from puberty through the later stages of life.*

What Makes Phytoestrogen Essential Complex Unique?
Phytoestrogen Essential Complex includes a potent soy extract shown to provide health benefits in women.* This soy extract is standardized for 64 percent isoflavone content and a minimum of 50 percent genisteine, phytoestrogens that can bind with estrogen beta receptor cells to provide a number of health benefits. The increased estrogen-like activity provided by these phytoestrogens can help balance hormones and hormone metabolites, and keep them from binding to other cells.*

This supplement also contains a concentrated flax seed extract proven useful in managing potentially harmful estrogen metabolites.* Because hormones are metabolized in the liver, they create a host of bioactive metabolites. An imbalance in some of these metabolites may increase risk for a number of health concerns. The concentrated flax seed extract contained in Phytoestrogen Essential Complex can help maintain a healthy balance of these metabolites.*

Antioxidants support hormonal balance and are also important for overall health.* Phytoestrogen Essential Complex includes a standardized pomegranate extract that provides supplemental phytoestrogens and powerful antioxidant support.* The phytoestrogens contained in the pomegranate extract have a gentle estrogenic activity to help support hormone homeostasis. 

Phytoestrogen Essential Complex is contained in all-natural sodium lauryl sulfate-free HPMC vegetables capsules.

Phytoestrogen Essential Complex Uses and Benefits

  1. One major benefit of Phytoestrogen Essential Complex is that it gently supports a women through the menstrual cycle.* doTERRA Women Phytoestrogen Essential Complex is a blend of standardized plant phytoestrogens that support hormone balance both gently and naturally.*
  2. As mentioned, the Phytoestrogen Essential Complex can be helpful for women throughout many stages of life and changes in the body. Among many benefits, this supplement helps diminish the normal discomfort of menopause.*  
  3. The Phytoestrogen Essential Complex also helps support healthy bones, heart, breast tissue, and other body structures and functions as a woman ages.* The proprietary combination of phytoestrogens and antioxidants contained in Phytoestrogen Essential Complex not only supports hormonal balance, but overall female health.*
  4. Phytoestrogen Essential Complex isn’t just useful during times of menstruation, puberty, or menopause, but can be a useful way to help manage hormone levels through the many stages of life. This supplement can be taken daily to help balance and support normal hormone levels throughout a woman’s life.*
  5. Another major benefit of Phytoestrogen Essential Complex is that it has been formulated to provide powerful antioxidant support.* The included standardized pomegranate extract is rich in anthocyanins, offering added antioxidant support.
  6. This supplement provides nutritional support for managing estrogen metabolism.* It contains a flax seed extract standardized to 40 percent lignans, which is helpful in managing estrogen metabolism.* Hormone metabolites may raise the risk for a number of health issues; diets rich in phytoestrogens can help maintain a healthy balance of these by-products.*
  7. As mentioned, the first steps to managing hormone levels are healthy eating, exercise, and taking care of one’s body. The Phytoestrogen Essential Complex can be used to complement a program of eating right, exercising, and hormone therapy to help minimize the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS and transition through menopause.*
  8. This natural formula is made with sodium lauryl sulfate-free HPMC vegetable capsules for safe ingestion. 

How to Take Phytoestrogen Essential Complex
Pre- and peri-menopausal women, take one to two capsules daily with food or as needed. Post-menopausal women, take two capsules daily with food, ideally formulated to be taken with doTERRA Women Bone Nutrient Essential Complex, doTERRA ClaryCalm® Monthly Blend for Women, and the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®.

Pregnant or nursing women and people with known medical conditions should consult a physician before using. Does not contain wheat or milk products. This product is complementary to, but not a replacement for, hormone replacement therapies.

If you would like to learn more about this supplement, visit the Phytoestrogen Essential Complex Product Information page. 

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