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Science Topics

At doTERRA Science, we are excited to share with you all the new and exciting essential oil science taking place around the world. We hope to provide you with the resources and information so that you can better understand how essential oils exert such incredible benefits. Try selecting one of the science topics listed below to view all our related blog articles for that particular subject.

Optimal cellular function is the foundation of tissue, organ, and whole body health. Seemingly small and insignificant changes that take place on a cellular level can have implications that extend from the microscopic world of a cell to the macroscopic world of wellness.

Cell Function

Essential oils have remarkable properties because of their unique chemical compositions. Each essential oil comes with its own spectrum of chemical constituents that result in a variety of restorative and health-supporting benefits.

Chemical Constituents

doTERRA scientists and their research partners are constantly striving to learn more about the powerful potential of essential oils by designing and conducting scientific studies and clinical trials.

doTERRA Research

Essential oils are natural products that can benefit multiple organisms of an ecosystem. Learn how plants, insects, and other animals benefit from the unique chemistry of essential oils.


Variations in environmental factors and extraction methods can dramatically affect the quality and chemical composition of the final essential oil product.

Sourcing & Collection

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