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Essential Oils For Camping And Outdoor Activities

It’s finally the perfect season to break out the camping gear that’s been languishing in your closet all winter long. And although enjoying your favorite outdoor activities have a plethora of benefits, they also come with challenges that can put a damper on all the fun–like bug bites, skin irritation, or eventired muscles.


Whether you are camping, swimming, or putting down miles on a hiking trail, essential oils are the perfect solution for common problems. Especially if you are camping off-grid, rushing to the nearest store may not be practical; however, help is just a few minutes away when you travel with your essential oils for camping. Essential oils are a natural solution that’s easy to use. So before heading off to your next camping adventure, tuck a few essential oils in your pack. After toilet paper, they might be one thing you’ll never leave home without.


Essential Oils For Bug Repellent

Ouch! We all know that bug bites are one of the downsides to enjoying the great outdoors. But did you know that you can use essential oils for bug repellent? Don’t let those pesky bugs stop you in your tracks. With essential oils for camping, like TerraShield® Spray and Citronella essential oil, you’ve got natural bug repellent right at your fingertips.


TerraShield Spray

Used as a natural insect repellent, TerraShield Spray is excellent at keeping bugs at bay during outdoor adventures. Are the mosquitos so thick they form a visible cloud? No problem. TerraShield Spray is loaded with natural ingredients like Citronella, Lemongrass, Thyme, Cedarwood, Geranium, and Peppermint in a sesame seed oil base that keeps these pesky bugs off your skin. When applied directly to the skin, this natural mosquito repellent carries a fresh, woody aroma that is safe and gentle enough for the entire family.


Citronella Oil

Extracted from grass grown in Asia, Citronella essential oil has a crisp, fresh scent that helps mask human scents that often attract insects. Well-known as a powerful insect repellent, Citronella essential oil is an ideal camping companion. Use it topically, or use your favorite diffuser to make your outdoor space “bug-free.”


Essential Oils For Comfort and Wellness

Essential oils like Lavender essential oil, can soothe skin, bug bites, and create a restful environment for sleep.


Lavender Oil

Veteran campers know that bug bites and the occasional irritated skin Lavender essential oil on hand can help you not only soothe irritated skin, but it can also be beneficial to your sleep routine. It’s not uncommon to love the outdoors and miss your bed at the same time. Nocturnal noises are sometimes soothing, but they can also jar a light sleeper. Try rubbing Lavender essential oil on the bottoms of your feet before bedtime for a restful and relaxing aroma.


doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Blend

Maybe you love the outdoors, but you feel like you need some extra support. If this rings true, give doTERRA’s Breathe Respiratory Blend a try. doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Blend has some of the best essential oils for the outdoors–like Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, and Ravensara. These powerhouse essential oils help maintain feelings of clear airways and help minimize the effects of seasonal threats. Apply doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Blend topically to your chest, back, or the bottoms of your feet, or diffuse at night time while you get some well-deserved shuteye.


Essential Oils For Outdoor Exploration

Curious about which essential oils are the best essential oils to use for camping trips? Look no further than Arborvitae and Peppermint essential oils–two of our absolute favorites when it comes to camping comfort.


Arborvitae Oil

This handy essential oil will definitely earn a spot in your camping gear. Used frequently as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent, a few drops of Arborvitae essential oil can act as a quick way to clean while you’re out and about.. It has a warm, earthy, calming aroma. Add a few drops to an 8 oz spray bottle and spray on surfaces or hands to cleanse and purify, or apply to wrists or ankles before going outdoors, or inhale for an aroma of peace and calm.


Essential Oils for Cooking and Camp Ambiance

When it comes to creating the ideal camp ambiance, these are our favorite go-to essential oils for cooking if you are camped out under the stars.


Pink Pepper Oil

This amazing essential oil is sourced from pink peppercorn berries and is a wonderful substitute for black peppercorns. When used in cooking, it imparts a spicy, fruity flavor that pairs wonderfully with meat and sauces. Because we know you don’t have access to everything you might have in your home kitchen, Pink Pepper essential oil can elevate even the most basic of sauces into a culinary delight. Or add a drop or two to water for a sweet, slightly spicy flavor, or add it to your morning coffee or tea for a sweet, but spicy kick. If we could bring just one seasoning along on our next camping trip, this would be it.


Northern Escape Oil

This essential oil is, hands down, our favorite for creating a tranquil atmosphere in camp. To promote a relaxing atmosphere and eliminate odors, diffuse Northern Escape essential oil for a calming camp experience that can’t be beaten.


Essential Oils for Post-Adventure Recovery

Everyone knows that real recovery takes place after the “relaxing” vacation. For the best post-adventure recovery essential oils to sooth muscles after a long day or week of hiking, add these essential oils to your camp kit.


Deep Blue Products

Developed in a variety of different formats, Deep Blue Products come in a non-greasy rub or stick, an essential oil, or a capsule. Choose any product format and amazing results. Every Deep Blue product can offer soothing support after hiking or other outdoor activities.


Turmeric Oil

Outdoor activities are wonderfully exhausting, and although you might feel at one with nature, your muscles might tell you a different story. Turmeric essential oil is great when used for post-activity massages. But don’t just keep it for those one-off camping trips. Incorporate this oil into any post-camping massage for a relaxing routine at the end of a long workday.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree essential oil is a must-have addition. Apply after shaving or on irritated skin for a soothing, cooling effect. Or rub Rub Tea Tree essential oil on the bottom of your feet for a fresh, rejuvenatingaroma.


doTERRA Products For Cleanliness And Sun Protection

When it comes to cleanliness and sun protection during camping adventures, we continually reach for these two essential oils. You won’t regret having them in your cleaning and care arsenal.


doTERRA On Guard Oil

One of our best-selling oils, doTERRA On Guard essential oil, is a natural all-purpose cleaner. Use it while camping to clean surfaces or hands, or add a few drops onto an apple for your midday snack to get the added benefit of immune protection when ingetsed.*


Suncare Products

Outdoor adventures are naturally prone to sun exposure. For protection against the sun’s rays, use doTERRA’s Sun that deliver lightweight SPF 30 UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection.


Essential Oils For Maximum Camping Comfort

If you’re getting ready for your next camping trip, make some space for some of the essential oils highlighted above. They can truly have a comforting and game-changing effect on any camping trip, from natural wellness properties to a natural preparedness kit, doTERRA essential oils are indispensable camping companions. Whatever you might face in the great outdoors–sore muscles, bugs, or finding comfort sleeping away from home–essential oils are a natural go-to solution for anything mother nature can throw at you.


Essential oils are simply too useful to leave at home, and they deserve a spot among your camping gear. So before you head off on your next camping adventure, make sure you stock up on a few of your favorite essential oils to make your time away from home comfortable and safe.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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