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Why Power of 3?

The Power of 3 is an important bonus designed to help you structure your doTERRA business in an effective way. While you could potentially sponsor all of your new enrollees, this is not your best strategy if you want to maximize the compensation plan. Instead, place your new enrollees under a builder or sharer on your downline that will work well with them. Consider personality types, background, etc. before placing someone. For more help on this, see our post on Structuring Users, Sharers, and Builders.

Power of 3 is an excellent way to get a new enrollee excited to build. It can take a while for the unilevel commission to show up in their check, but Power of 3 helps them have income in the meantime. Focus on helping them find three people to place under them. When you teach your team to build according to the Power of 3 structure, you are also helping them build the organization they need to reach leadership ranks.
Here are the basics:
  1. To qualify for the Power of 3, you must set up a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order. All 3 team members you enroll must also have a 100 PV LRP order set up, as well as any people they enroll later on.
  2. Power of 3 is paid on a monthly basis.
  3. There are three Power of 3 Bonuses that you can earn: $50, $250, and $1500. Each bonus is achieved through structure and team volume as described below:
  • $50: You must have three personally sponsored Wholesale Customers/Wellness Advocates and a total of 600 Team Volume. Team Volume includes your personal order and orders of your frontline.
  • $250: Your three frontline team members must each have three other qualified, personally sponsored Wholesale Customers/Wellness Advocates under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.
  • $1500: Your nine qualified Wellness Advocates also must each have three qualified, personally sponsored Wholesale Customers/Wellness Advocates enrolled under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.

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