doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Australia and New Zealand donates $50,000 to Women’s Refuge New Zealand.

As part of doTERRA AUNZ’s ongoing celebration of Healing Hands 10 year anniversary, doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Australia and New Zealand (or dHHFANZ) is donating $50,000 to Women’s Refuge New Zealand to help support their Shielded Site Program.

The Women’s Refuge Shielded Site allows victims of domestic violence to access a shielded portal through which they can contact WRNZL for immediate support and information without fear of it showing up in their browser history for anyone else to find.

Founded in 1981, The Women’s Refuge has since grown to become New Zealand’s largest non-government organisation dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence, with 45 affiliates throughout the nation.

“Domestic violence is unfortunately still a huge issue in New Zealand” said dHHFANZ Coordinator Patrick O’Callaghan, “and Women’s Refuge has done some remarkable work to support victims and reduce that violence.”

The shielded site is a powerful resource that can appear as a simple icon on any website that chooses to do so. Current platforms that house the icon include The Warehouse, NZ Post, ASB Bank and the Ministry of Social Development.

The money will help pay for hosting fees and fund help desk support, as well as help finance the development of an international tool-kit to present to other Family Violence organisations worldwide.

O’Callaghan highlighted that “dHHFANZ wanted to work with this wonderful organisation to continue to do all that is possible to remove this scourge from those impacted families across New Zealand.”

For more information on how you can help, visit their website:

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