The doTERRA Pure magazine has been created with the Australian and New Zealand doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Customer and Leader in mind. 

It is a unique and compelling magazine with a blend of resources to empower you to achieve a wellness lifestyle, and a source of inspiration that helps you to gain a richer understanding of the doTERRA products, people and initiatives. doTERRA Pure will feature and shine a light on Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives, doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation spotlight stories, and essential oil education. 

You’ll also be able to read about doTERRA Leaders and their own personal journeys to success and gain wisdom into their key insights, receive expert tips on leadership, business building and doTERRA tools, including a direction guide, allowing you to know exactly where to go for the information you need.

It will become your ultimate go-to for inspiration, information, empowerment and expansion in both your personal health and wellness goals and your doTERRA business.

How can I qualify to receive a FREE printed copy of the dōTERRA Pure Magazine?
To receive a free printed copy, you will need to hit a Pin rank of Silver or above once, 3 months prior to the edition being published. That means, in order to qualify for a free printed copy of our January, 2021 edition, you need to hit Silver at least once in October, November or December, 2020.

Not yet a Silver leader?
We’re excited to let you know that this magazine will be made available as a free, online publication, and for limited, printed purchase.

We're releasing the First Edition of the doTERRA Pure Magazine January 2021.

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