Jazze Jervis

Diamond Wellness Advocate


Jazze Jervis is the Founder and Chief Mum-boss at The Calm Compound, a doTERRA Australia Diamond Leader and Grand Prize Winner of the 2019 Vietnam Incentive Trip! She is a woman with zero excuses, high motivation and drive, a Leader who continually leads by example and is her team’s biggest cheerleader. Jazze has an essence about her that makes people feel seen, loved and cared for as they join her team. Her aim is to help others, particularly mamas, to keep their family as happy and healthy as possible. 

She was first introduced to doTERRA through Sarah-Jade Graham (Essential Oil Mumma) when she saw her tagged on an Instagram post. The post was referring to some oils they were using to help support their kids. “I had been off work for three days looking after my daughter as my husband was in another country playing basketball, and it was a pretty tough time. I had never been exposed to holistic care as a child and I was pretty skeptical to be honest. If I hadn’t been at rock bottom, I’m not sure I would have been open to inviting doTERRA into our home. Call it divine timing”.

Through learning about doTERRA products, getting to know them and using them constantly, Jazze learnt that the simplest act can improve your entire day. From putting a couple of drops of Peppermint and Wild Orange in the corner of the shower each morning, to choosing an anchor blend to support your emotional wellbeing. “I have completely transformed my life and my connection with myself, my intuition and my family. Prior to having these tools available I wasn’t really paying attention to how I was feeling. Now that I have this at my fingertips, I ask myself all the time, “how am I feeling?” and “what do I need?” It allows me to connect on a deep level to myself”.

The key to Jazze achieving the Rank of Diamond was connection. She knows the impact she wants to create and the people around her can feel that “let me help you” energy. 

“This is a relationship business and I think a big part of our team’s success has been the emphasis placed on just being a friend and creating a beautifully supportive community. This is more than just oils. This is a lifestyle. It is connection. It is helping someone when they are in need. We also place a lot of emphasis on the resources we provide to our customers. Customers need guidance and support. They need to be shown the way to living a holistic lifestyle. I have really tried to be that wealth of knowledge for them to ensure that they get the most out of their oils and our community”. 

Jazze’s advice for Wellness Advocates starting their own doTERRA Business, is to put your blinkers on and make sure to back yourself. “This is not a saturated market, despite what people think. But the comparison game is an easy one to fall into when we are constantly looking to other advocates for inspiration and we are all talking about the same product! How do you differ? What do you bring to the table? What are you good at? Do more of that! What do you not enjoy? Do less of that! I hired a virtual assistant before I hit Premier, before I was making any money. Why? Because time is money. I knew my strength was connection and so I needed to do more of that. Why spend 5 hours creating Canva images when my assistant can do it in 20 minutes? I wanted to get out there and connect with people and so I backed myself to make it work!” 

Jazze embodies motivation and drive to share doTERRA essential oils and products to help people feel their best self, all while building a collaborative and caring community. Her deep passion for her doTERRA business has a hugely positive ripple effect throughout her entire team. “When you love what you do, the motivation is easy to keep showing up every day. One thing I always say to my team is don’t dwell! Dwelling is one of the biggest hindrances to motivation and growth in my opinion. The moment you realise this, is the moment your business will start to grow. How much time do you waste when dwelling on something? I know I can waste lots! The less time you spend worrying, dwelling, being upset, comparing yourself, the more time you have for creation, manifestation, connection and abundance!”

Ylang Ylang is one of Jazzes’ favourite doTERRA essential oils. “Ylang Ylang reminds me a lot of my husband who has been living interstate for 7 months (it is also his favourite oil). To me, it’s a mix between a romantic picnic and spicy afternoon and a warm bubble bath! I also love all that it embodies emotionally, too – fun, spontaneous and playful! I love to wear it as an aromatic dressing with some Fractionated Coconut Oil and diffuse it most nights in our bedroom”.

Easy Air was the turning point for Jazze with essential oils. “I remember walking passed the diffuser that my husband had set up and asking him, “Wow what is in that?”. Before doTERRA I got very overwhelmed and panicked when my husband travelled for work as I really struggled with solo parenting. This was the first oil I tried and all it took was a few deep breaths to realise that this was it. This was what I would be doing forever! I love to diffuse it most nights and diffuse in our car diffuser or put a few drops on the shower floor”. 

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