Nicky Skinner


Nicky Skinner is a doTERRA Silver Leader from Auckland and a mother to her gorgeous newborn baby girl, Elsie.

Her journey into doTERRA was through the amazing Kate Callaghan. Nicky has a medical background as a Paediatric Emergency Nurse and she likes to know that whatever she does is supported by research, doTERRA had this box ticked.

“Kate’s background was in dietetics and holistic health. She was passionate about the advice she recommended to clients being heavily backed by science. I already had the trust factor in Kate as a professional and when she started talking about essential oils, I began to take notice. Up until this point I had only thought essential oils were pretty smells and for hippies! Once I had the oils in my home, I started to use them for myself and my family and loved that I had these plant based tools for any situation” Nicky said.

For Nicky, who loves science and research, she found it most exciting and supportive seeing the research behind oils like Frankincense and Copaiba which are both renowned for their calming properties. Nicky shares “I love that as more research is developed, we will be able to speak more freely. I would love to see examples of oils being used in therapeutic situations around the world. It’s an exciting time to be involved. Another huge insight into doTERRA has been the feeling of empowerment that the doTERRA lifestyle has given. It's something I want every person, particularly mothers to have the opportunity of experiencing”.

Two key insights Nicky has come to be very familiar with, within doTERRA is PIPES and Lifestyle.

A huge fan of duplication and PIPES, sees Nicky implementing the same tested, tried and rewarded PIPES process effectively! Nicky says, “I do PIPES consistently because I LOVE it, and it works for me. I can enrol and show families and individuals a holistic way to support their family’s wellness. Inspiring the lifestyle that doTERRA offers has been an incredible way to not only get the oils into family homes but have them be using the oils and feeling empowered to embrace the lifestyle”.

Nicky shares her biggest tips that helped her grow her Silver Team and a big community. “Take your time with people, SERVE. It’s much better to have 3 engaged customers who are loving and using their products monthly, than 10 enrolments who purchase a kit and then never again. Nurture those relationships and show up for people. Be consistent. Be real. Show people your raw moments and how you use your oils”.

“Anyone starting this business should spend some time cultivating a powerful WHY. Whether that’s financial independence, travel, leadership or purely a desire to make a difference, know it and feel it, so that it can help you through the tough moments. I stay motivated knowing it is not a saturated market in NZ (or anywhere for that matter) and that there are people out there who are looking for the solution that I can offer. They’re looking for community, for connection and for likeminded people who are passionate about empowering their families with natural tools. Hone into your WHY as this will be your foundation”, Nicky explains.

Nicky’s favourite doTERRA products are, “My Cheer Touch, which is on very high rotation as my purefume and general pick me up throughout the day. Citrus Bliss would be a firm second and is always in my diffuser at some point throughout the day. LLV (Lifelong Vitality Pack) would be right up there also and I have been using it postpartum (I have an 8-week-old baby), in addition to trying to eat really well. I like to start in the morning and my LLV pack sits where my French press lives, so as I’m making my coffee, I’m getting out my LLV (I always recommend people create an association link and put their LLV somewhere super visible, so they remember to take them!)”, Nicky says.

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