Michelle Emslie


Michelle Emslie took out Grand Prize for Diamond Club 2020, and collectively with her team rank advanced from Silver to Gold! Even amongst the multitude of challenges that arose within the first half of the year, Michelle was resilient and persistent with her goals, actions and sharing. This dedication saw her rise and shine through Diamond Club and beyond, always prioritising fun and adventure along the way!

Michelle was first introduced to doTERRA in 2011 through her dear friend, Katrina. “We shared a passion in health and teaching our children a love for learning from home. My memory of Katrina bursting into my home excitedly sharing her positive experiences to what her children called ‘magic oils’ are so vivid. She gifted me Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils and we shared a profound experience in that moment” Michelle smiled and said. This was when ‘Heavenly Scent’ was created.

Growing up in a family who embraced a holistic approach, essential oils became powerful tools. They naturally weaved into everyday life and supported the wellbeing of Michelle, her husband and their three children. “I was inspired by Katrina’s wealth of knowledge, intuition and compassion. Sadly, Katrina and her family passed away tragically a couple of years ago. So many lives were touched and changed forever. Their radiant light continues to shine” Michelle said.

My biggest learning into the essential oils is the way they open the doorway to sensory experiences that can suddenly bring alive hidden recollections of deep emotional memories. Sometimes hard to identify and put into words, but so powerful and deeply comforting” Michelle said “I really encourage when I am sharing, to have fun with your oils and create beautiful lasting memories. Use your intuition to self-select the aroma and trust your body’s innate intelligence to bring balance and heal itself.”

Michelle’s motivation, energy and passion comes from connecting with that playful side, having fun and making adventures and memories! “Remembering my WHY, and the heart and integrity of the company inspires me to embrace their loving culture, building long lasting positive relationships, touch and empower lives of others and to imagine a world of healers in every home. My family’s support motivates me to succeed along with friend’s positive experiences, passions and insights” Michelle shared.

Michelle reached GOLD in just the second month of Diamond Club 2020. This passion for sharing essential oils was reignited last year when Michelle became certified in Aromatouch by her mentor, Helen Duke. “I took the leap and participated in Diamond Club 2020 with the encouragement and inspiration from Helen and the support of my Account Manager, Je-an. I feel that it was both Helen and Je-an’s belief in me and their guidance which taught me the key to hit Gold, to be brave, dream big, create my vision and action it. Je-an and Helen were such amazing mentors walking alongside me every step of the way and I want them to feel how much I value their beautiful encouragement and support”.

“I’m amazed at the magnitude of how much I learnt and Diamond Club has helped me to thrive. This was when magic was created; connecting together as one community and collaborating an energy of fun and inspiration in sharing our love of oils” Michelle says, “For any other Wellness Advocates who need some guidance or thinking about doing Diamond Club in 2021, believe in yourself, embrace you and your leaders’ unique gifts, strengths and visions to collaborate together. Listen to others’ needs and be ok to share your vulnerable feelings as it opens others’ hearts. We are all in this journey of sharing and healing together”.

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