Jesse Waetford

Gold Wellness Advocate


Jesse’s biggest learning from the products is empowered self-care. She loves that these oils help her to take responsibility for her health in every aspect. “Since using doTERRA we have totally changed all aspects of overall health and wellbeing in our life and in our home. From learning how to take care of our health with the oils, to learning more about how these oils can help support our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As I became more knowledgeable about the oils, I started to detox our home and make our own natural cleaning and self-care products. I love the wisdom that each plant shares through the chemistry of its essential oil, always giving thanks before I teach a class, acknowledging both where these plants come from and the beautiful people that grow, harvest and distil them. I am constantly blown away by the co-impact sourcing model doTERRA has and the positive impact it has on communities world-wide. It is such a privilege to be working with a company that is so heart driven!”

In reaching the rank of Gold, Jesse believes that the key to achieving this milestone was in building sustainable relationships with their leaders and learning how to work strategically towards their goals. “I love to use tools like the Rank Planner to help me plan my month and google spreadsheets to keep my contacts together in a list. The more organised I am the more focused I am. Creating a vision board and writing down monthly, quarterly and yearly goals helps me to stay on track and motivated through the process. I will constantly check in and even re-write my WHY - the fuel to any business. Whenever I need a reminder why I am doing the work, this serves as a source of inspiration to re-energise, and reignite my fire and passion”.

Jesse’s message to all new Wellness Advocates starting out, is to “Never stop believing in yourself. I believe personal development is the secret ingredient to any success in this business. Some people come into doTERRA having already done a lot of work on themselves and others may just be starting their self-development journey. It’s important for us to do this work, because the more we work on ourselves, the better we can show up in our lives and in our business. Secondly, don’t waste time comparing yourself to others and instead fall in love with all the gifts and strengths you have. We have incredible leaders in doTERRA so spend some time getting to know them. I like to teach my team to think of these people as our ‘expanders’. Look at what inspires you about them - this often mirrors our own capacity and capability. People who inspire us are some of the most valuable energy sources we can draw on - they help to expand our belief in ourselves”. 

Jesse’s motivation is boosted by staying organised and frequently re-evaluating her WHY. “I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with our first baby and staying motivated to keep up with my usual work load has been more difficult than ever. Although I am adjusting more and more to the changes my body is going through, I have learnt how important it is to never lose focus. Our business does come in seasons and sometimes things can be a little slower than at other times. Give yourself time to reflect and re-evaluate when needed. Life can often throw us when we least expect it. Don’t give up, come back stronger and more resilient knowing how to approach things a little differently”.

The beautiful Jesse’s go-to and most used products are:

  • LLV supplements: “I take these twice daily, once in the morning and then again at lunch or in the evening” 
  • The Verage Moisturiser: “I use the moisturiser every morning. It’s the most hydrating and light moisturiser I have ever tried”
  • Rose Essential Oil: “Rose always makes me feel so content and connected to my sacred feminine. I love using rose as a daily perfume” 
  • On Guard Hand Sanitising Mist: “I take the hand sanitiser everywhere! It’s so handy and always makes me feel protected, especially when I am out and about”


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