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Peppermint Oil from the Pacific Northwest

Though doTERRA® isn’t digging any wells or building any schools for peppermint farmers in the Pacific Northwest, our Peppermint sourcing is still making an important impact through facilitating family legacies to continue for future generations.


Finding Peppermint

Peppermint was one of the first five essential oils that doTERRA offered, along with Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, and Frankincense. But, the journey to find the right Peppermint oil was a little more complicated. Dozens of samples of Peppermint essential oil came in, but each was rejected because they didn’t meet doTERRA’s high quality standard. Eventually, Emily Wright called an old colleague—Dr. Robert Pappas—and asked for his help. He put Emily in contact with growers that he knew were producing superior quality oil and who also cared that their product would be doing good in the world. Emily says, “When we contacted those growers, they got really excited that they could provide us peppermint in the way it’s supposed to be grown, in its natural state, and for a good price. Beyond that, they were excited that it was also going into the hands of people who will use it for a variety of health benefits.”

A Beneficial Partnership

This partnership has now spread to other farmers in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the world as doTERRA, and the demand for Peppermint oil, have grown. One of the original partners has been in the industry for four generations. His ancestors emigrated from Germany and started growing mint to support their family. They still grow that same mint on the same farms today. But, before their partnership with doTERRA, the fourth generation had actually left the farm to find work elsewhere. The income on the farm was not enough to support their families. Now, thanks to doTERRA, that fourth generation has been able to come back.

Emily says, “Guaranteeing purchase of the Peppermint oil that they could produce each year, and giving them a good price, made it beneficial to bring their sons back and carry the family legacy forward.”


The Ideal Region

The Pacific Northwest is ideal for peppermint because of the high amounts of rainfall they have each year. This gives the peppermint a high menthol content, which gives it its sweet, minty aroma and flavor. Emily says, “All the natural elements in this region are conducive to producing a high quality Peppermint oil.”

The area is also highly conducive to growing roman chamomile, a plant that can be difficult to cultivate given its sensitivity to fluctuations in weather conditions. doTERRA is now working with peppermint growers to introduce roman chamomile to their fields with great success. This step is vital to making Roman Chamomile essential oil more available in the future.

From the soil to the distillery, each farmer takes the time and effort to ensure that their Peppermint oil meets quality standards so they can feel confident as it goes from their hands to yours.

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