Handling Objections

In different situations, be it a one-on-one or an introductory class you will face objections and questions. Here are three common objections and possible ways you could respond should the need arise.

1. “I need to talk to my husband/wife first…”
“Wonderful. I feel talking things over with your spouse is really important. Many have felt some decisions (like starting a business) obviously are joint decisions, while others (like a simple product purchase) normally don’t have to be joint decisions. After you have that conversation, would it be all right if I followed up with you to see how it went?  I think you’ll find your spouse would welcome the idea of minimizing your family’s health care costs, or possibly contributing to the family income.  When is a good time to follow up with you?”
2. “Isn’t this an MLM company or pyramid scheme?”
“doTERRA® is a Direct Selling Company, which is very different from a  Pyramid scheme.  A Pyramid scheme’s focus is to recruit new members, and pay bonuses for achieving recruitment goals. The start-up costs for a pyramid scheme are much higher, often involving recurring “membership” fees or expensive “educational,” “training,” or “advertising” materials that can easily be found free of charge elsewhere. They often pressure people into recruiting new members and promise large profits for minimal work, often in high-pressure seminar environments.  I’ve found doTERRA is definitely not a pyramid scheme; it is highly product sales driven.  Wellness Advocates earn when they sell products. May I ask, what has been your understanding or perception of the direct selling industry?”
3. “A 5 ml or 15ml bottle seems like a small amount of product for the price…”
“When I first started with doTERRA products, I saw little bottles and compared their cost to big bottles of product sold in stores.  At the time, I had a feeling that I was not getting the same value like I would in a large package.  I felt like the larger the package, the greater the value.  But, I’ve learned that the doTERRA testing standard really does set these products apart in the world of essential oils. They are very potent. You only need a few drops in most cases to experience their benefits. I’ve found that no other company has established a higher scientific standard for their essential oils than doTERRA. With the results I’ve experienced, they are well worth the cost.  If I can show you how to lower the cost of your products, would you be interested?”

4. “I’m too busy for this …”

“Believe me, I know what it is like to feel too busy as a business owner and ___ and ___. With all this going on, I have felt like there isn’t another way to fit even one more thing into my schedule. What I’ve found though, is that there is a way to make time for this. How? At first I would find an hour that I could try this out. As I began to see the benefits, I began to make more time and other things either fell into place or fell out of my life. I also find it is rejuvenating in the sense that I’m helping people take better care of themselves. I work with people I want to work with, and I love it. Look at your current schedule. Do you have an hour per day to try it?”

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