Leadership In Unpredictable Times

Put your favourite essential oil in the diffuser, grab a cuppa and let’s soak in this empowering, 5-minute read so that we can continue leading ourselves and our communities the best way possible through these unpredictable times.

I mean, let’s face it. We’re exhausted. It’s been 18+ months and we still don't know where this will end, right? So, what can we do to keep ourselves and our communities engaged? How is it possible to inspire, encourage and lead others when our own lives are so turbulent and unpredictable? Asking ourselves these questions has led us to identify 4 key concepts that we’d like to share. Understanding these concepts may help you lead with confidence throughout these times of uncertainty:

  1. Inform
  2. Connect
  3. Lead the way
  4. Unite

Let’s break these concepts down into actionable steps that you can try right away. Click on each tab to learn more.

We’ve heard it before that being informed is being empowered, right? As humans, we hunger for information when we are struggling to make sense of a new situation. We want to analyse and sometimes over-analyse. This information gathering not only gives us a sense of control, but it helps create a pathway for us to move forward.

You might be able to recall a time you heard really important news and immediately you started planning ahead, correct?

Information is empowering, if it’s supplied on time. So, if you have some important news that is relevant to your community, share it right away. A lack of information, or news that is supplied too late can lead to feelings of confusion, worry or abandonment. For this reason, as leaders, it’s best to keep your community informed from the onset of any change occurring.

This concept applies to both good and bad news – a good leader is the first to let their community know when something is up-and-coming, then shares ideas that can help them move through times of change in a positive way.

There’s another upside to sharing important information - it creates credibility for us as leaders. It creates an opportunity to be inspiring! Building on new information can offer the chance to revisit our strengths as a business or bring us back to the fundamentals of why we do what we do.

Being consistent with information sharing also creates trust within communities and where there’s trust, there’s engaged followers and people that need you.

TIP: Communicate early and frequently. The risk of over-communicating is far less detrimental than under-communicating, which could leave the field open to rumors. Always embrace humility, empathy and kindness in your communications.

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to generate feelings of trust within your community. This will help forge lasting connections between you and other members of your network.

It’s also important to be genuine in your communications. If your interactions appear staged, remote or artificial this can inhibit both trust and connection.

When you reach out to your community in an authentic way, with genuine warmth and support, this can become and incredible source of reassurance to members of your community.

Don’t be afraid to share how a particular situation affects you personally. Sometimes our greatest strengths can be shown by acknowledging our weaknesses. We’re all human and admitting that we are affected by circumstances beyond our control let’s other people know they are not alone and helps them feel supported. Practise being self-aware and getting in touch with your feelings, so you can connect on a deeper level with our fellow human beings.

TIP: If and when dramatic events occur, give people opportunities to safely express their emotions. Reach out to your community on a personal level, see how they’re doing and ask if they’re okay. Nowadays you can connect easily, so check in with as many people as you can. Be present with your community and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

During periods of uncertainty, people want strong leaders who are comfortable giving direction on what to do and what not to do.

It’s important to remain empathetic of the current climate – acknowledging the reality of where we’re at. Start from where the members of your community are, on an individual level, and give sound direction of next steps, making sure these are things they can immediately action. Talking about long-term visions and plans is not effective when people are bracing for further bad news, or emotionally recovering from previous news.

The first step is to provide clear guidance on critical priorities that everyone can rally around and contribute to. For example - wellbeing, health, family, friendships, business plans and income. As those concerns are being addressed, invite people to think about the unique skills and qualities they have as individuals or what makes them most passionate. Perhaps they can leverage those things and even make a difference to others who are dealing with the same issues?

TIP: Give steady guidance. Focus on the concrete steps on which all people in your community can align. Empower people to be part of the solution.

Turbulent times remind us of the importance of human community. People need and value community.

They need to rally behind the things that bind them together. Strong leaders can pull their community closer by reinforcing what makes them a unique and distinctive group within the bigger picture.

These bold and confident leaders can help crystallise feelings of unity and energise a group toward joint action. Do you know who the bold leaders in your community are? You may find that actively dealing with a difficult situation will actually enhance a sense of togetherness and resilience as a community.

The leader who taps into aspects of who people are, why they do what they do, and how they function sends a strong message in times of uncertainty: ‘What we’re doing now validates what we’ve always done - we can adapt to change and still be true to who we are.’

TIP: Celebrate who you are as a community and what unites you. Emphasise your connection to the wellness industry, your customers, but most importantly, to one another.

Inform, connect, lead the way and unite are four concepts that can help you build strong communities of focused individuals. As leaders people rely on us to guide them. Your community needs your guidance, your support and your leadership now more than ever. We hope these 4 concepts encourage you to build on the amazing work you’re already doing by reaching out to your community in a genuine and authentic way, letting them know you are present and ready to build and share together.

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