Giving someone an essential oil sample is a simple and effective way of introducing them to doTERRA. Just as you would test-drive a car before buying it, the opportunity to try essential oils can give prospective customers the boost they need to attend your class or make a purchase. Once an individual has experienced the aroma and the benefits of doTERRA essential oils, they will be excited to attend a class and learn more. Here are a few tips on sampling:

  1. Create your samples - A few ways you can create your very own samples are, purchase the doTERRA branded key chain (black or purple) which includes eight, empty, amber 5/8 dram vials. This conveniently allows you to fill them up with your favourite oils that are easy to access on-the-go or send them out to give people the chance to try the oils before purchasing. We have recently launched our Ice Blue Rub™ Athletic Cream in a convenient 2mL sample size pack that comes in a box of 10. Perfect to keep in your handbag or gym bag, they are just the right size to have handy for when you need them, or send them out to give others the opportunity to try Ice Blue Rub.

    Alternatively, if you want to get creative, reuse your 5mL & 15mL bottles or your 10mL roller bottles and fill them up with some of your favourite diffuser and roller blends. We also have the Introductory Pack that contains Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint essential oils 5mL that is ideal to share with friends and family.
  2. Download your Sample cards - To guide you on your sampling journey, we have created a series of cards including sourcing information, uses and interesting facts about a range of essential oils, You can download them and print them so you're equipped for any opportunity to share essential oil information! We currently have sample cards for 14 products that you can choose from. Click here to download the sample cards.
  3. Distribute your samples - This is the best way to share doTERRA. Sharing your business with people you don’t know can be challenging so why not share with those you are comfortable with - your family and close friends. Send over a few samples along with the sample cards so they can have a chance to experience the benefits of doTERRA essential oils.

    Once you have become familiar with sharing your samples, why not step out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation with a stranger. This could be someone from your local cafe or the grocery store. This is why it is essential to carry samples and sample cards with you because you never know who might benefit from doTERRA essential oils.
  4. Hold a Class - Once you have created and distributed your samples, the next step is to hold classes. Running a class is a great way to talk about the passion you have for doTERRA essential oils and potentially grow your team. Click here to learn more about how run a doTERRA class.

Sampling is an effective way to share your love for doTERRA with others and with these four steps, you will be well on your way to creating and distributing your very own samples.

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