Diamond Club - Benefits

As an added bonus for individuals to enroll as a WA or a Wholesale Customer at a Diamond Club event, and to help you reach your monthly enrollments, doTERRA offers special product promotions during Diamond Club. Prospective WAs and Wholesale Customers must be enrolled by a DC participant in order to be eligible for the promotional product. The following are the promotional products that will be offered as part of the Diamond Club program to any enrolling order of those who meet the indicated PV and event requirements.


Monthly Enrollment Incentives

When you participate in Diamond Club, you'll have access to amazing benefits to help you reach your monthly enrollments. For individuals who make their first purchase at a Diamond Club event, doTERRA offers special enrollment promotions during the Diamond Club period. 

Month 100 PV enrolling order 400 PV enrolling order
March Clove 15 mL Clove 15 mL + Cardamom 5 mL
April Cypress 15 mL Cypress 15 mL + Passion Touch 10 mL
May Tangerine 15 mL Tangerine 15 mL + Cheer Touch 10 mL
June Grapefruit 15 mL Grapefruit 15 mL + DDR Prime 15 mL


LRP Enhancements

In addition, Diamond Club enrollees who set up a single LRP order of at least 125PV (combined orders do not count) during the 2nd month of enrollment, will receive 25 products points on the same month. All new enrollments must entered through the Diamond Club portal; otherwise, the new enrollee is not eligible for the enrollment promotions.


Earning Points

dōTERRA offers some exciting prizes as a part of the Diamond Club. These prizes can be earned by accumulating points that are displayed below. The winning places will be determined by adding all Diamond Club points together.


1. Rank Advancement

  • 10 points first-time Gold
  • 20 points first-time Platinum
  • 25 points first-time Diamond 


2. New Members Enrollment Order

  • 100–249 PV: 2 points
  • 250–499 PV: 3 points
  • 500 PV & above: 4 points


3. Loyalty Rewards Program (New Members)
(points earned for first two months on LRP only)

  • 1st month LRP order fulfilled with single minimum order of 125 PV: 2 points
  • 2nd month LRP order fulfilled with single minimum order of 125 PV: 2 points



1st Prize: iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB

2nd Prize: Laptop worth RM3000

3rd Prize:
iPad Wi-Fi 128GB (3 winners)



For more details, please see Diamond Club Booklet 2021

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