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10% off — doTERRA Passion®

When feelings of boredom and disinterest take over, the doTERRA Passion Inspiring Blend will help to rekindle feelings of excitement, passion and joy. Be passionate again; now at 10% off.

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Product of the Month

Tangerine has a sweet, tangy aroma, similar to other citrus oils, that is uplifting. Tangerine is known for its cleansing properties, and for supporting a healthy immune and respiratory system. Tangerine essential oil can be used to help soothe anxious feelings and manage stress. Get this POTM when you place a min. 125PV single LRP order before15th of the month. Other T&C apply.

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Valentine's Day Promotion - Be My Valentine Set

Love is being close to you, and together we make the recipe.

  • 5 tsp of happiness
  • 2 caring hearts
  • 0 mistrust
  • 1 giant hug
  • 3 small kisses
  • 1 cup of kindness
  • 4 cups of love

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50/50 Enrolment Promotion


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