Founding Executives

David Stirling

Founding Executive, Chairman & CEO

Imagine the world 12 years ago when the benefits of essential oils were largely unknown to most and access to purity was limited. In that time, the hearts and minds of seven qualified individuals came together under the visionary leadership of David Stirling to form a unique organization called doTERRA. Now, take a minute to breathe in the amazing progress in global expansion and opportunities that have exploded as doTERRA is recognized as the global leader in what has become an eight-billion-dollar industry of essential oils. As David continues to lead doTERRA as CEO, his natural abilities to guide unprecedented global growth, including new market openings, and the truly remarkable Co-Impact Sourcing, benefits the full doTERRA family. Through all of David’s achievements he continues to place the growth and progress of people as the first priority of his leadership, mentoring others through his kindness and service-focused mindset. He will tell you that his greatest accomplishments are the many wonderful friends, exciting adventures, and incredible service opportunities that have been created for the entire doTERRA family, through doTERRA’s growth and success.

David encourages everyone in the doTERRA family to work together, finding strength in our differences and in the common bonds of our communities. As we become more kind, patient, and supportive, we become emboldened to lift each other, providing permission to others to grow in their own capacity, power, and happiness.

Corey Lindley

Founding Executive

For over three decades, Corey has been engaged in the global world of direct selling. He has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Japan, China, Australia and, of course, the United States, solving complex business issues. Corey has worked in senior C-level positions for two billion dollar-plus consumer product companies that market products through direct selling–one being doTERRA.

A hallmark of Corey’s professional career has been his focus on developing competent and loyal teams. While at doTERRA, he has developed a love and passion for helping others including Wellness Advocate Leaders, Consumers, Employees and those engaged with doTERRA through the company’s vast global grower network. Sourcing the best, while helping the most is where he loves spending his professional time.

He holds a BS degree in accounting and an MBA degree, and began his professional career in 1987 working for one of the world’s largest public accounting firms prior to beginning work in the direct selling world in 1990. He loves all sports, especially golf, but Corey is quick to point out that his favorite pastime is being with his amazing wife, Janis, along with his eight children and their families including 20 grandchildren doing whatever it is that they want to do.

Emily Wright

Founding Executive, Global Leadership Development

Emily was immersed into the world of direct sales and essential oils in the late 90s when there was very little awareness about them in the United States. As a young mother, she loved the empowerment essential oils offered her to take charge of her family’s health and became determined for the world to know what she had discovered. Her passion for intuitive wellness and helping people drove her to understand all aspects of a very complex business, and she broke the glass ceiling becoming the first female in the company’s history to hold an executive position and Board seat. Sales that had been flat lined for years tripled in just three years as she locked arms with a talented executive team, staff and field leaders to implement new vision and strategies.

She stepped down from her executive position in 2007 because her values no longer aligned with where the essential oils industry was going. Knowing there had to be a better way, she followed her heart to pursue what’s pure leading to the birth of doTERRA in 2008. Determined to provide every household with the world’s most pure, most potent essential oils on the planet, she is obsessed with lifting communities around the globe through doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives.

Emily’s extensive experience in all aspects of the global essential oils market combined with her obsession with unlocking human potential make for the perfect combination to lead doTERRA into unchartered territory. She has an innate ability to see what is possible and collaboratively leads a powerful corporate team as well as Wellness Advocates and customers around the globe to unite in a common cause. She loves nothing more than to develop people and help them rise to their highest potential.

Often referred to as the heart of doTERRA, Emily is a caring and seasoned executive and the recipient of several awards, including 30 Women to Watch (2018, Utah Business) and Pathfinder (2018, Women & Business, Salt Lake Chamber). However, Emily’s greatest accomplishment is being the mother of four amazing children, Mimi to two adorable grandchildren and the wife of a humble cowboy.

Gregory Cook

Founding Executive

With a career that spans more than 25 years and living on four continents, Greg is a seasoned business executive with a global network of key and trusted contacts. From the very beginning of doTERRA, Greg’s unique abilities to see beyond limitations into new possibilities have helped guide his contributions as a founding executive in strategic planning and heartfelt giving throughout the company’s history of unprecedented growth. He has been vital in helping establish doTERRA’s global footprint in business and philanthropy.

Greg has lived in Africa, Europe, North America, and most recently, Asia. He and his family recently returned from Shanghai, China, where he was committed to develop lasting relationships and opportunities for doTERRA in the Greater China area. Greg finds great joy in humanitarian work and he often leads initiatives on his own and through the doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation® to help improve the lives of individuals throughout the world.

Greg received a BA in International Relations from Brigham Young University. Among travelling, fishing, reading, and keeping up with current events, he finds the most joy in spending time with his wife, Julie, and their five children.

Dr. David Hill

Founding Executive, Chief Advisor of Science & Healthcare

Throughout the world it is difficult to find an active doTERRA Wellness Advocate who doesn’t know and admire Dr. Hill. His rare combination of natural abilities to listen, love, and teach is well enriched with his vast understanding and knowledge of pure essential oils and how they collectively and independently offer solutions for health and wellness. As a founding executive, Dr. Hill has mentored thousands of Wellness Advocates throughout the history of doTERRA, which has helped cultivate the unique culture found within the organization. As the leading expert in essential oils at doTERRA, he challenges his team to find only the highest quality botanicals and ingredients and provide superior safety standards. He shares his knowledge openly in order to empower everyone to use these gifts of the earth and continues to find new and exciting products for the market.

Dr. Hill encourages the medical community to look at supplementary options when healing the whole person and encouraging wellness. He looks forward to a future where the essential oil community and modern medicine can co-exist in a doctor’s office so that people will have more options and control of their healthcare. Until this day arrives, he will continue to collaborate with the medical community through studies, trials and capable physicians.

Robert Young

Founding Executive

When the team who would launch doTERRA started to form, there was one industry marketing and corporate communications professional that was sought to develop and share the new offering. From the very beginning, Rob has helped establish doTERRA as an integrative health and wellness company and the world leader in the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils market. His 25 years of consumer product experience combined with intuition and wit has led him to become an executive leader, strategic partner, and person that others want to be around. Rob’s expertise in skin care, personal care, household consumer products, and developing and marketing nutritional wellness products and programs is vast and deep, resulting in others often tracking him down for solutions. Rob has a big heart and often is seeking ways to support others in need through doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®. Rob and his wife Debbie have five children and are the proud grandparents of their first granddaughter.

Mark Wolfert

Founding Executive

As one of doTERRA’s founding executives and founding general counsel, Mark has been instrumental over the past decade in pursuing pure products, business practices, intentions—and most importantly, the pure love of humanity. While leading with his sharp mind and kind heart, Mark has mentored thousands of doTERRA employees and Wellness Advocates to reach beyond their comfort zones to serve others. As executive founder overseeing the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, he guides the mission of empowering people and communities worldwide to make positive and sustainable change and become self-reliant. This year, as the Foundation celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary, Mark’s work and influence is reflected globally in fighting human trafficking, accessing clean water and healthcare, supporting children, empowering women, responding to natural disasters, and mentoring self-reliance while providing micro-loans. Mark is always most excited about supporting Wellness Advocates who are finding ways to engage in good in their own communities through doTERRA Healing Hands partner projects.

Mark and his wife, Carol, are the parents of five children who share his passion for helping and encouraging others to be their best selves.

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