Placement Exceptions

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The Exception Application process is available to Wellness Advocates needing placement moves outside of the Placements policy.

The Exception Application process is a resource available to Wellness Advocates who are in need of placements moves that are outside of the dōTERRA Placement Policy (see Section Nine of the Policy Manual). We ask that each of our members play their part by limiting requests to only those extenuating circumstances where exceptions are needed the most. Exception requests require additional signatures and the approval of the doTERRA Global Exceptions Committee.

Will My Request be Approved?

Given that this is an exception request process, there are no guarantees that any request will be approved. However, there are some good rules that can help you determine the likelihood of your exception being granted.

What Should I Include in my Reason for an Exception?

To ensure the nature of the request is properly understood, provide:

  • All information regarding why the member is moving
  • Why the new placement will result in the best scenario
  • Any other information that may be pertinent to your unique situation

Types of Exception Requests

How to Submit an Exception Request

  1. Request a digital exception application form from See "Signatures/Approvals" section below for more information.
  2. or
  3. Submit an exception through mydoterra
    • Step One: Log into your mydoterra account, and click "My Office" under "My Account"
    • Step Two: Click on the "Team" tab
    • Step Three: Select "Placements"
    • Step Four: Click on "Exceptions," select "Submit an Exception Application Here"

Once submitted, the individuals that need to submit their approval will receive an email notifying them of the request. Approval can be given through "Requests Requiring My Approval" on the "Request Tracking" page in the Placements Tool. Once all approvals are completed, the request will be submitted for review. Decisions made regarding your exception will be communicated through mydoterra and by email.


On the Exception Application you'll find a "Signatures/Approvals" section. To ensure those who are most affected by these changes are in consent, signatures (or authorised electronic approvals) must be obtained from the following:

  • The member whose placement is changing
  • All Enrollers, three levels directly above the moving member
  • All Sponsors, seven levels directly above the moving member

Required signatures can either be gathered in person, or via DocuSign. We do not accept electronic signatures from any other source.

Once all signatures are gathered, submit them in one form to If you obtained the signatures from DocuSign, please include their Certificate of Completion with your completed request form.

Exceptions: Moving a Wholesale Customer

When requesting to move a Wholesale Customer, the Customer does not need to give their approval. You will, however, need to contact with your exception reference number, once all other approvals are obtained, in order for your request to be submitted for review.

Expected Timelines

The Global Exceptions Committee generally meets twice each month. The first meeting takes place just prior to commission run (around the 15th of the month) and the second meeting takes place just prior to the end of the month.

Requests completed the 1-15 of the month will be reviewed at the second meeting, prior to the end of the month.

Requests completed the 16-31 of the month will be reviewed at the first meeting of the following month, prior to commission run.

*All approvals must be obtained in order for a request to be considered completed.

This information is provided in summary form for the convenience of the reader. To the extent it conflicts with the Wholesale Customer Agreement, or the Wellness Advocate Agreement and doTERRA Policy Manual (collectively, "the Agreement"), the Agreement is controlling.

Contact Europe Member Services

Contact the Placements Team

If you are struggling to complete a request or have any additional questions, our Placements Team can be contacted at our Leaders ranked Silver or above can also click here to contact our Account Managers.

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