How often have you dreamed about your biggest, boldest goals? Whether it’s climbing a mountain by the time you are 70, raising a family or travelling the world, one thing is certain: you have to be at the top of your game to achieve them.



#doTERRALifeGoals Challenge Guidebook


How to join

Step 1: Choose Your Goal

Nutrition, fitness, rest, mental wellbeing… Wellness is a spectrum and there are many different areas we can focus on. For this challenge, choose the goal you want to work on first, the one you feel will have the biggest impact on your lifestyle.

Step 2: Build Your Protocol

​Create a list of small daily habits that will help you reach your goal and choose the products that will support you on your journey. Print the #doTERRALifeGoals tracker in the last page of the guidebook and check in every day.

Step 3: Make a Pledge

Say it loud and clear, “I am doing this!”. Tell your friends, write it down or visit the doTERRA Europe social media pages and share your pledge and progress by using #doTERRALifeGoals and tagging us (@doterraeurope) when you post for a chance to be featured!
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Step 4: Invite Friends

The doTERRA community will be with you every step of the way, but why not consider inviting a friend to join your journey? Partner up at the gym, enjoy walks with a family member, or involve your partner in cooking meals together.

Look around you and get people involved. 

Step 5: Let’s Do This!

​The challenge begins on 1 April 2024!

Get rewarded for keeping up with your healthy habits






Do you want to learn how to grow engagement amongst your customers and create a stronger affiliation with doTERRA products and wellness lifestyle? Find presentations and social media assets to help you structure and run a challenge here!

Digital Marketing Kit

​Start sharing #doTERRALifeGoals with the ready-to-go content we have prepared for you! On doTERRA Social you will find posts aimed at enhancing your connections and initiating conversations about life goals. With suggested protocols and a daily-habits tracker, you can help make these aspirations a reality.

Stay tuned for #doTERRALifeGoals content in your doTERRA social​ account!


Do you want to challenge yourself?

Simply enter your doTERRA ID number below and pledge to sign up as many new enrolees on the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) as possible.

The top 10 Wellness Advocates in Europe who get the most new enrolees* to join the LRP between 1 May and 15 May will have the chance to meet doTERRA's Founding Executive and President, Emily Wright, at Bloom Convention - Good luck!

*Terms apply

I’m in!

Terms & Conditions

In order for an enrolment to count towards this challenge:

  1. A new dōTERRA Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer must place a single 100 PV or more enrolment order between 1-30 April 2024.
  2. The new Enrollee joins the Loyalty Rewards Program and creates an LRP template.
  3. The new Enrollee places a single Loyalty (LRP) Order of 100 PV or more between 1-15 May 2024.
    • By 17 May 2024, the top 10 Wellness Advocates in Europe who get the most new enrolees to join the LRP, will receive an email inviting them to the meeting with Emily Wright.
    • Only those who hold Wellness Advocate accounts in Europe will be considered.
    • Only Loyalty (LRP) Orders made in Europe that have been processed by 15 May will be considered. Please be advised that the confirmation of wire transfer orders may take up to 8 days. 
      Winners' expenses for travel, accommodation, and tickets to the Bloom | doTERRA Europe Convention 2024 will not be covered by doTERRA Europe.

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