Account Swaps

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A swap is a move where two Wellness Advocate accounts trade or "swap" positions in the same organisation. These two Wellness Advocates must be directly stacked in the organisation. In a swap, the two members exchanging positions will inherit each other's teams, including both Enrollerships and Sponsorships. They will also exchange Enroller change history. The upline Enroller and Sponsor for each position will also be exchanged. A swap can be requested by submitting a completed Swap Request Form.

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A swap can only be requested between two members who are directly stacked within an organisation. Swaps where there are one or more levels of Sponsors between the swapping members or where the two members are on different legs are not permitted. Both swapping members should have their own downline and have an order for at least 1 PV in the month the swap is requested.

Requesting a Swap

The first step of the process is to ensure that
  • The two swapping members are stacked in the organisation
  • Both swapping members have a downline
  • The bottom swapping member has an order of at least 1 PV for the month in which the swap is requested
You can submit a Swap request by completing the Swap Request Form.
  • Fill out the Account Numbers and Account Holder Names for the two swapping members
  • Provide a description of reason for the swap request
  • Both swapping members must sign and date the Swap Request Form
  • The Enroller of each swapping member must sign and date the Swap Request Form. If the Enroller of both swapping members is the same, only one Enroller signature will be required
Pen to paper signatures or signatures obtained through a verified Electronic Signature platform with a certificate of completion are accepted. Signatures expire after four months from the date signed.
  • The Swap Request Form can be submitted by the top swapping member (Account Transfer A) to from the same email address they use with doTERRA. If electronic signatures are obtained, the completed Swap Request Form and the Certificate of Completion can be submitted by any member.

Personal Enrolments

Please note that with a swap, the Enrollership of all personal enrolments will also be exchanged.

This information is provided in summary form for the convenience of the reader. To the extent it conflicts with the Wholesale Customer Agreement, or the Wellness Advocate Agreement and doTERRA Policy Manual (collectively, "the Agreement"), the Agreement is controlling.

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