Account Transfers

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An Account Transfer allows a Wellness Advocate who is in the same placement and does not have a downline to take over the position of another Wellness Advocate. In this process, the person giving up their position has the option to remain in their current position as a Wholesale Customer, or to terminate their account.

What Does Transfer

  • Rank
  • Team
  • Enrolment Change History
  • Ability to Place LRP Order

What Does Not Transfer

  • Wellness Advocate ID Number
  • Reward Points
  • LRP %
  • AR Balance
  • Personal Volume (orders)

Requesting a Transfer

The first step of the process is to ensure that the transferee has:

  • The same Enroller and Sponsor as the transferor account.
  • An order. To ensure that the transferee's account qualifies for commissions, the order should be at least 100 PV. This order will be processed as an LRP order if the transferee is a new Wellness Advocate.
  • No downline of their own.

​​​​​You can submit the Account Transfer request through one of the following two options:

Back Office Submission

  1. Ensure that the transferee meets all necessary requirements in that they are under the same Enroller and Sponsor as the transferor, and they do not have a downline.
  2. The transferor will submit the Account Transfer request through their mydoterra account.
    • Go to the "Teams" tab in mydoterra and select "Placements"
    • Find the "Account Transfer" form and complete the form. The transferor will need the transferee's ID number
  3. Once the form has been submitted, the transferee will need to approve it. The transferee's approval will also need to be confirmed within 14 days of submitting the Account Transfer form online.
    • To do this, go to the "Team" tab and select "Placements"
    • On the "Request Tracking" page, find "Requests Requiring My Approval"

Account Transfer forms will expire after 14 days if they are not completed. A new form can be submitted, however the transferee will need to meet the necessary requirements.

Email Submission

  1. The transferor and transferee must complete and sign an Account Transfer Form.
  2. The transferee must have the same Enroller and Sponsor as the transferor. The transferee must not have a downline.
  3. The transferor must email, from their email address on file, the finalised DocuSign and accompanying Certificate of Completion, to within 14 days.

This information is provided in summary form for the convenience of the reader. To the extent it conflicts with the Wholesale Customer Agreement, or the Wellness Advocate Agreement and doTERRA Policy Manual (collectively, "the Agreement"), the Agreement is controlling.

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If you are struggling to complete a request or have any additional questions, our Placements Team can be contacted at our Leaders ranked Silver or above can also click here to contact our Account Managers.

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