Daniela Huelsen - doTERRA Europe Leader

Daniela Huelsen - doTERRA Europe Leader

Daniela Huelsen


About Danny

Danny has recently celebrated 5 incredible years with dōTERRA, committing to her business full-time in 2018.

Having taught several yoga classes for our dōTERRA Europe community, Danny’s devotion to the world of essential oils supports her business approach to lead others into a more consciousness-based network understanding.

Danny pairs her love for nature with her business schedule, undertaking most of her business calls on scenic walks, her secret to recharging her battery! A devotee to self-awareness, she says “Life can be anything you want it to be, but you need to be prepared to really grow personally. It's my positive outlook on life that helped me to not think in challenges, but solution”.

Even with a booming business on her radar, Danny reiterates the importance of keeping some time to herself. Meditation, yoga and a hearty breakfast give her the fuel she needs to start her day right so that she can spread her energy to whoever reaches out.

Danny’s advice is to resonate with others and create a safe space for people to share and grow. The outcomes of your business will reflect the focus and love that you contribute. Make the process fun, and the effort will come naturally!


Love is a huge engine to fuel your business but you need to align with this universal power every day. Do the inner work that's needed to overcome your own doubts, fears and limitations. Stop looking for excuses why this won't work for you. It will work if you set your focus and monitor your thoughts!


Be committed, never doubt that you will reach your goals and always choose love over fear, even when fear creeps in and tries to convince you that you will fail.


There are amazing tools to use nowadays! The road is paved for you to walk the path and reach any rank and any level of financial freedom you want. But you need to say YES and really mean it!

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