Wellness Research in the United Kingdom

doTERRA sleep research resonates with Brits across UK and reveals lockdown mood swings

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Mood Research

A doTERRA survey of over 2,000 Britons found that people are thinking more about their emotional wellbeing now more than ever before. People in the United Kingdom are feeling more stressed (39%) and experiencing more negative emotions since the pandemic began. In addition, 43% of those surveyed reported that their households’ mood has changed for the worse.

Mood is also impacting the people around us, with 62% reporting that their mood impacts other members of their family and 37% indicating their mood impacts their workplace.

The survey was covered by a number of publications across the UK, including The Daily Star, The Metro, The Daily Express, The Sun and The Mirror, generating over 383,000 online views and nearly 400 social media shares. The bulk of the headlines and stories focused on the three moods of anxious, happy and stressed felt by Brits during the pandemic lockdown. 

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