Annual Impact Report - The Pursuit 2022

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As dōTERRA has grown these past 15 years, so has our potential to be an impactful force for good. We've always been committed to doing things differently in the pursuit of positive worldwide impact, and along the way we've had to recalibrate and reform. The dōTERRA story is still being written as we seek greater insight into our effect on the people we work with, better understanding of what happens in our supply chains, and lasting hope for a more sustainable future.

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dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™

Progress in 2022

  • 248,830 lives improved via the Match Program (105,399 of them in 2022).
  • US$544,151 donated to the Hope Action Plan.

2023 - Our goal is to triple our impact

  • Improve the lives of more than 1,000,000 people via the Match Program.
  • Donate US$3,000,000 annually to the Hope Action Plan.

Wellness Advocate Empowerment in 2022

  • 43,035 emergency relief kits distributed.
  • 166 Wellness Advocates who distributed kits.
  • 14 countries served.

Standing with Ukraine

  • Over US$1,000,000 raised to aid Ukrainian refugees.
  • Over 100,000 refugees in 11 countries, including Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine, have received aid.

Human Connection

"Building a doTERRA business can be difficult, but its much easier when people see how committed doTERRA is to philanthropy."

Available in English only.


Sanaag Specialty Hospital 2022 update

  • The Sanaag Specialty Hospital in Somaliland has been operational for over a year.
  • 19,602 people served.
  • 197 babies delivered.
  • 150 surgerical procedures performed.


Co-Impact Sourcing™

2022 Progress | 1,470.638 lives improved in our sourcing areas

  • 360,903 people empowered with sourcing jobs.
  • 1,057,043 lives supported by sourcing jobs.
  • 1,220,163 lives improved through social impact projects.
  • dōTERRA sources 263 essential oils and other ingredients from 47 countries.

2030 Goals | 10 million lives improved in our sourcing areas

  • 1.2 million people empowered with sourcing jobs.
  • 3 million lives supported by sourcing jobs.
  • 5.8 million lives improved through social impact projects.

Kenya Measured Impact

  • We value the expert knowledge of local farmers and community leaders worldwide.

Guaiacwood Sourcing

  • Sustainable sourcing from well-managed forests preserves and even regenerates the land. We are working with the highest certified partners to develop an efficient, effective and sustainable forest management plan for the Gran Chaco.
  • By 2022, over 12,000 acres of the forest had been purchased.
  • By 2025 our sourcing partners hope to increase the acreage they own to 30,000 acres.

dōTERRA Supply Chain Evaluation

In 2020 the dōTERRA Sourcing Team set out to conduct an extensive evaluation of all our essential oil supply chains to ensure we continue to source the best and help the most.

2022 Progress

  • 76 supply chains evaluated to date (approximately 33%), 57 completed in 2022.
  • 2 supply chains weren't yet eligible for a status at their baseline evaluation. 29 evaluations currently in progress.
  • Official Status: Silver 3, Gold 6, Diamond 3. Provisional Status: Silver 30, Gold 20, Diamond 3.

2030 Goal

  • Evaluate all our essential oil supply chains twice (baseline and follow-up).
  • Achieve the following ratings by the second evaluation: 95% Silver, 55% Gold and 35% Diamond.



2022 Progress

  • dōTERRA is partnering with a leading consulting group to estimate our emissions so we can work towards carbon neutrality by 2030.

Advancing Essential Oil Science

  • dōTERRA is leading the way in essential oil research.

Launch of the MetaPWR™ System

The MetaPWR System is one of the most researched product systems doTERRA has ever developed. Extensive studies and clinical trials guided its development. Along with in-house studies, our science team worked with global ingredient suppliers and biotech groups to discover the latest breakthroughs in natural ingredients. The MetaPWR System creation process continues to shape the way our scientists research essential oils and make new dōTERRA products.

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Want to see our progress since last year? View the 2021 Report here.

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