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Holding a Virtual Essential Oil Class with Class in a Box

Thinking of holding a virtual essential oil class? It’s a great idea, and we love getting together with friends online. Virtual classes bring people from all over the country, and sometimes the world, together in the coolest, simplest way. How lucky are we to have the means to connect with each other from the comfort of our couches! 


Making a virtual class effective can take a little practice and creativity, but even the most-experienced class holders can use tips and timesavers every now and again! That’s why the Class in a Box collection was created—to make classes easier, more tangible, and even more successful. Utilizing this resource virtually looks a little different, but it can be just as (if not more) effective. It just takes a little planning, but we’ve done some of that for you by putting together this customizable virtual Class in a Box class outline. Let’s get started!


Step 1: Schedule the Class

Organize a Facebook Live, Zoom call, or other online meeting and select your attendees. Invite your friends by group text message, personal text, phone call, or mailed invitation cards. The options are endless—as long as they know when and how to join, invite them however you’d like! Many Wellness Advocates see the most success by using personal invitations, by either phone or text. 


Step 2: Mail Out Class Materials

Put together small packages to mail to your attendees a few days in advance. Each package should include: 

If your attendees live nearby and it’s appropriate, try dropping the package off at their doorstep the day before the class. This small package will help your attendees get excited, plus it will prepare them with all the materials they need to fully engage and participate in your class!

*Included with your Class in a Box collection

Step 3: Send Reminder Texts

People can be forgetful (guilty!). In your personal calendar, schedule a few reminder texts to send out to your attendees so your class is at the forefront of their minds. Again, these messages can be to a group or each individual. Try including interactive text within your reminders, like: 

  • Essential oil trivia (for example, “What essential oils contain limonene, a chemical constituent with cleansing properties?”)
  • Invitations for attendees to ask questions before the class begins
  • Short quizzes (such as, “What are your favorite types of aromas?”)


Step 4: Have Fun!

The most successful classes are engaging and entertaining. Let loose and keep the class interactive! Here are a few ideas for how to do this virtually: 

  • Add one 30 mL sprayer bottle to each package you mail or give to your attendees. During the class, instruct your attendees on how to DIY their own Wild Orange cleaner or linen spray so they can have a personal experience using essential oils in their homes. 
  • Share your screen to show your favorite Made in a Minute, Source to You, or education videos!
  • Do live demonstrations of using Wild Orange aromatically, topically, and internally and have your attendees follow along. 

These are just a few ideas to get you started. As you keep holding these virtual classes and gather tips and tricks from other Wellness Advocates, you’ll find the activities that perfectly fit you and your strengths! 


Virtual classes don’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to be a lesser version of an in-person class. Gathering your friends virtually is an easy, no pressure way to hold an effective essential oil class with your Class in a Box collection that will help you continuously build your business. Start planning your next virtual class today!

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