Daily Drop


A Drop of Essential Oil Education in the Palm of your Hand!

The Daily Drop App provides you with a fun and convenient way to get your essential oil education anytime, anywhere. Short videos and simple challenges are right at your fingertips whenever you have free time. So whether you're waiting in the parking lot to up your kids or winding down at the end of the day, you can become an expert on all kinds of topics and take your knowledge about essential oil usage to the next level in just a few minutes! 

Features and Functions

Multiple Topic Tracks: Enjoy the five different topic tracks avaliable now: Children, Athlete, Emotional Wellness, Spring Cleanse and Lifestyle. Then stay tuned for new tracks!

Determine Your Mood: Give the Determine Your Mood Matrix a try. With eighteen different emotions to choose from, you can rank your current emotional state on a scale of 0-5. The customizable emotional scale will then suggest oils and provide videos about those oils for you to use to improve your overall emotional wellness. 

NEW Sharing Feature: Now you can use the app to share content about essential oil usage with friends and family! The Daily Drop sharing feature allows you to send content through SMS, Facebook Messenger, and email, or to post directly on Facebook and Instagram. Just look for the sharing icon at the bottom of each video page. 

NEW Show All Feature: We recently launched a Show All Videos feature within the Daily Drop app that allows you to access any available videos from each track all at once. This convenient feature is located in the Navigation bar under the Settings tab. Simply swipe the bar to purple and enjoy wathing all your videos! The "Show All Videos" option can be turned off at any time. However, in this mode, all previously unviewed videos will be hidden and the app will resume sending you a single video every day.


The Daily Drop app can be downloaded in the Google Play store and in iTunes. For those excited about this new education, but prefer email, you may subscribe to the daily mailing list.

We would love to hear about your experience with the app. What do you wish the app could do? To share how you enjoyed the Daily Drop App, leave a review on Google Play Store or in iTunes. If you are experiencing any problems, we can help you troubleshoot. Send your feedback and questions to dailydrop@doterra.com.

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