How to Qualify

Step 1

Maintain a monthly 100PV LRP order from 1 June to 31 October 2023.

Step 2

Earn points from the criteria below:

Enroll new members with 100PV+ to earn points

For each completed enrollment during the contest period, enroller earns between two to four points (depending on the size of the initial enrollment order) for signing up a new member with a minimum initial order of 100PV.

Enrollment Order  Points Received
100–224 PV 2
225–399 PV 3
400 PV and above 4


Earn points when these members purchase 100PV and above on LRP in months 2, 3 and 4

Additional points will be awarded to the enroller if the enrollee creates and places a 100PV and above LRP order in the month of 2, 3 and 4.

Month Points Received
2 2
3 3
4 4


Advance Rank and Earn Points (minimum Silver and above)

Rank Advancement Points: Additional points will also be awarded to the enroller who advances to the new rank Silver (10 points). More points (5 points) can be earned if enroller maintains the new rank or above throughout the qualifying period. Enroller does not need to maintain his/her rank for consecutive months in order to earn points. To earn points, please advance in rank. Refer to the example below for more information: 

New Rank Advancement Points Received
1st Month - Silver 10
2nd Month - Premier 0
3rd Month - Silver 5
4th Month - Gold 10
5th Month - Gold 5
Total Possible Points 30


For example, if the enroller achieves new Silver rank in June, he/she will get 10 points. If that enroller does not manage to achieve Silver again in July, he/she will get 0 points for that month. However, should the enroller achieve Silver again in August, he/she will get 5 points for that month. If the enroller achieves new Gold rank in September, he/she will earn 10 points again. If the enroller manages to maintain Gold rank in October, then he/she will get 5 points.




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