Providing Change

doTERRA corporate employee Darrell Hunt worked with the Healing Hands Foundation® to bring meals and supplies to families in Mexico.

In north region of Baja Mexico lies the small community of San Quintin. Many people from San Quintin work in the various fields surrounding the town. Working ten hour days many take home less than $240 a month, making the entire town impoverish.  Many families struggle to afford food, hygiene supplies, and cleaning supplies. With the help of the Healing Hands Foundation, Darrell Hunt and his team were able to deliver all this items to some of the poorest in San Quintin.

Over the Christmas Holiday, Darrell and the rest of the Providing Change team traveled to Mexico with cars full of supplies to be delivered. Paying for all their own travel cost the team drove through the patched up roads to San Quintin. The team was able to provide 60 families with food, hygiene kits, and cleaning supplies for two months. 

From having conversations with different members of the community, the providing Change team was able to find the poorest in the community and help them. They learned about a women’s shelter in desperate need of supplies. They provided the shelter with feminine hygiene kits, and blankets. Darrell shared one experience he had in Mexico

“One woman named Gloria was coming in from working in the fields.  It was dark.  Her 15-year-old son was working with her.  Her husband had left a few years before, leaving her with three children.  Her home was a shack, made up of whatever scrap could be found.  Dirt floor and not much in the way of furniture.  Her stove was a round large can, about 14 inches wide, with a metal grate on the top.  She would cook by burning wood, in this make shift stove.  It sat right outside the front door.  Local church members had pointed her out to us.  As we approached, she looked puzzled but as we explained, why we were there and that we had a gift for this celebration of love that comes with Christmas, her eyes widened and then it hit her.  She dropped her head and began to weep openly.  She embraced a couple of the group members, still sobbing and kept saying “I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it”.  This was incredibly touching for every member of our group.  I do not know if she had food or much of it, but it was like we had brought a treasure chest full of real gold to her.  She was incredibly grateful and kept thanking us for it.  We later found out, she had never lived in a home that had anything but a dirt floor.”


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