Project Kuya

doTERRA corporate employees assembles hygiene kits, donates school supplies, and provides food to struggling families in the Philippines

Living in the Philippines for two years, doTERRA corporate employee Robin Uata and his friends experienced the financial adversity in that area of the world firsthand. Upon returning to the United States, Robin launched the fundraising campaign Project Kuya with the intent to raise money and doTERRA product donations to help the hard-working people of Cebu.

In Cebuano, the Filipino language spoken in the area of Cebu where this project is focused, “Kuya” is a term used as a sign of respect to an older male relative or family friend. A fitting title for this project, as Robin and his friends were hoping to provide the Filipino people of Cebu with basic necessities such as school supplies, clothing, hygiene essentials, rice, and more.

The response to this project was met with incredible support, with fundraising efforts exceeding the initial goal of $1,000 by nearly four times. The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ contributed to Project Kuya’s efforts by making a doTERRA product donation for the assembly and distribution of hygiene kits in the Philippines.

In May of 2016, Robin and his friends traveled back to Cebu to put their donations to good use. Robin says of his experience and the support of the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, “The Filipino people are so special to me and I am just filled with gratitude for the opportunity that I had to go back there and render some service. Thank you again for helping Project Kuya help families in need.”


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