One Love

doTERRA employee Kara Roberts worked with the Healing Hands Foundation® and One Love Foundation to support a leper colony and orphanage in India.

After spending some time in India, doTERRA corporate employee Kara Roberts was moved by the poverty and suffering she saw in this region of the world. Kara’s experience in India inspired her to start an organization called One Love, in hopes of benefitting the Indian people—particularly lepers and children living in the slums. In India (as well as many other areas of the world) people suffering from leprosy are known as “untouchables” and are often disowned by their families and the community. It is difficult for adults and children with leprosy to get any help because so many others are living in poverty in India, and because they are treated as social outcasts. 

Under Kara’s direction, the One Love organization started a school in the slums where Indian children categorized as outcasts or untouchables can receive a basic education and get something to eat. One Love also supports a leper colony by providing medical supplies and financial support, while also teaching skills to the colony members to help them earn money. 

Recently, One Love began supporting an orphanage in Ajmer, India that focuses on rescuing girls who have been abandoned, abused, or involved in sex trafficking. The orphanage provides the girls with shelter, food, and education, in hopes of helping them to rehabilitate after the traumatic experiences they have endured. With help from Kara, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation participated in a matching donation campaign for this orphanage to improve the facilities for the girls. The orphanage building is more than 100 years old, and in desperate need of updating. The Healing Hands Foundation contribution will help to pay for building materials that will be used to improve the kitchen and living areas that house 87 girls plus the staff.  

After a recent trip to the orphanage, Kara said, “I saw a huge and obvious difference during this trip. The girls were happy, healthy, and content—which is a huge testament to the work that is going on there. The girls are educated and well taken care of. If we all do a little, we can make a big difference.”


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