International Extremity Project

Wellness Advotes Devin and Flecher Fleudujon with Blue Diamon sponsor Megan Frasheski donated product to the Interanational Extremity Project in Vietnam.

In December of 2017 Devin and Flecher Fleurdujon were given the opportunity of a life time. They were invited by the International Extremity Project (IEP) to create a pre and post-operative protocol using essential oils. After they created the protocol was created they worked with Blue Diamond sponsor Megan Frasheski to raise a total of $2000 worth of doTERRA products to be sent to Vietnam. The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® matched the team’s efforts with an equal value product match. 

The efforts of Devin and Flecher did not stop here. The two traveled with a team of American doctors and nurses to Vietnam to deliver the product and watch surgeries. Devin helped the residents check in on all the patients and created “mood kit” for support to give to each patient. She included a handout with a special message for each patient which she had translated in to Vietnamese. Devin also administered oils to all the doctors and nurses during surgeries who grew to have favorites and were asking her for specific oils. Devin was a little worried that no one would like the oils, but was grateful that by the end of her trip everyone was asking for them. 

Devin says this about her opportunity. “I want to express how amazing this experience was for me in many ways. The oils provided the context and opportunity to touch these people, melting any cultural boundaries and amplifying the love I was there to offer. I was able to connect deeply and was received by patients young and old, their families and the American and Vietnamese medical team… I feel this project has giving me a new way to connect to my community in relation to dōTERRA and our essential oils. What a blessing that healing hands makes this sort of donation and support possible.” 


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